Children Will….


do things that are child-like.  Love them anyway.

push “buttons” that you didn’t know you had and push boundaries.  Love them anyway.

go through hard challenges and problems because they are human.  Love them anyway.

bring up your own baggage from the past.  Love them anyway.

make you feel doubtful and insecure that you are doing this “right”.  Love them anyway.

question life and why.  Love them anyway.

will make a mess.  Love them anyway.

cause you to change.  Love them anyway.

give you grey hairs over time.  Love them anyway.

go through the developmental phases.  Love them anyway.

exhaust you.  Love them anyway.

go towards life at a run with you trying to catch up. Love them anyway.



I can write about “9 tips to help your toddler from driving you insane” or “5 way to keep in contact with your teen”.  But, the real deal is that love covers all of that.  Children can also teach you how to love yourself if you just let them.


So, love them anyway.



5 thoughts on “Children Will….

  1. I needed this today.

    BUT if you do want to write something about “12 tips to keep from sending your 12 year old to boarding school” I would REALLY appreciate it! LOL

    I have been repeating to myself this week, “Preserve the relationship. Preserve the relationship. Preserve the relationship.” ad infinitum.

    Scheduling report writing in May didn’t help much.

    So I am cutting my losses – if indeed they are losses – and putting my energy into planning for next year. Grateful to Lisa and the community she has assembled.

    Love is the answer. For sure.


    • Sheila,
      You and I could have the support group going on that one! LOL. I am going to write some about the twelve year old as it is on my brain right now.
      And about this year and Waldorf homeschooling in general. And how I am rethinking every plan I ever had for seventh grade to do something out of the box with Waldorf.
      Blessings and love,

  2. Many thks Carrie, ! It is great reminder when after all over . It is just a sweet warmest start with these sharing . Thanks again

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