Multicultural Reading Lists



These are a few of the reading lists I have for multicultural children’s literature for the English speaking reader:


Children’s literature by Native American authors – from preschool through high school/adult reading:


One of the best sites I have found for African American children’s literature: (by grade and also award winners by year).


For Asian/Pacific Rim children’s  literature:  and here: (if you look on the sidebar there are links to books of Chinese heritage, Japanese heritage and Korean heritage).  There are also literature  awards focused on Asia/Pacific Rim Children’s Literature.  The award winners for 2013 are here:


For children’s literature by Latino authors, by grade level:


For children’s literature regarding the Middle East:  and an extensive list here:


If you have a list on your blog of your favorite children’s literature as related to your religion or your cultural heritage, please leave a link in the comment box so my readers can find it!

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2 thoughts on “Multicultural Reading Lists

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for including this list. I feel like it is the start of a larger conversation within Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired education. I only have a toddler so I am not very immersed but also have experience with the culture and philosophy behind Waldorf through volunteering on biodynamic farms in England. As a person of African-American descent (ie, African, Native and European heritage) the Eurocentricity of Waldorf has always given me pause, even as I really appreciate so many of the spiritual intentions. The emphasis on story, history, culture, and ritual / tradition seems to be accessible from / applicable to so many different peoples’ heritage. I could go on further, but again just thank you for pointing toward this very important blindspot in the Waldorf community.

    And in general I am just a huge fan and so appreciative of your blog. The teaching within it, the way you share those teachings, your decision to not prettify / aestheticize / Pinterest-ify parenthood and family life. The basic wisdoms and the not-so-basic ones which you have distilled from your own experience. I am grateful for it all. Your voice has become one of the few I turn to as I begin the road of mothering!

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