Links to Change How You Think


Here are a few lovely links to start your week.  This one is about the danger of  children specializing in sports at a young age with many supporting references:


It is planning time for homeschoolers, and many of the Waldorf homeschooling Facebook groups are full of threads about choosing curriculum.  So, I  love this post from Rachel over at Ducks in the Pond for her reminder that YOU are the curriculum.  In Waldorf Education, YOU are the teacher and the guide.  YOU matter.   YOU are the curriculum.   Here is that post:


Reluctant cursive writer?  Try Sheila’s post over at Sure As the World:


Lisa’s post here about pulling in children closer when they are having challenges is spot on:


Many blessings,

2 thoughts on “Links to Change How You Think

  1. Thanks for the linky love, Carrie. But can we talk about Rachel’s post? Oh. My. Stars. She nails it!! I gushed in her comments and now I’m gushing in yours. I think the message needs to be shouted from the rooftops. It is so important, so basic, so challenging and so very, very simple. You are the curriculum – yes . . .
    Hope you are well.
    Miss you!

    • Finding this sweet reply today made my whole day Sheila! Thank you! And thanks again Carrie for linking to my post. I am forever indebted to you for introducing me to this beautiful way to educate my children. Much love, Rachel

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