The No Yelling House


I have seen a lot of blog posts recently regarding gentle discipline and how to stop yelling within the home.  Many promise how to look at the New Year with an eye towards creating a no yelling house and parenting style.

Friends, yelling is only the symptom, it is not the disease.  And sometimes to me, the flip side of yelling in parenting is something just as bad that no one seems to talk about:  the passive -aggressive parenting style. 

If yelling or being passive -aggressive is the symptom, the disease boils down to an aggregate mixture of several things.   The basis for creating a no yelling house and parenting style is creating a home where your parenting is based upon love and connection.  Love and connection and an ability to act from this place toward not only our family members but also all of our fellow members of humanity is where to begin to eradicate this disease.  Along the way, we also need to talk about rhythm, simplicity and priorities, and the tools of healthy boundaries and open communication.

Please join me in January for 31 Days:  The Inner Rhythm of the Heart.


Many blessings,