Simplicity Monday: Abiding

Abiding, to me, is more than just waiting.  Abiding is the sacred art of enduring, of being durable, of waiting without impatience for the fullness of time to reveal things.  It is knowing deep in one’s soul that the permanent state of life is one of goodness and fullness if we can wait and hold on.  It is trusting in that as a innateness and permanence.

Abiding is such an important thing to model for children.  We take our time, we wait, we abide.  Things in our family are not smooth right now, but it will be over time.  We will look back and we will laugh about it, we may cry about it, but we will know we were always there for each other and we did the very best we could with the information we had at the time and where we were in our own personal growth.

Abiding is knowing that when things happen amongst family or friends or in community, that we can wait and take our time and see what happens.  Is this something that was meant for a season, was this meant to be a springboard to something else happening, is it all meant to come full circle and be again?  Only through deep abiding can we see the answer, in that quiet and still place in time.

Trusting.  We trust and know a baby is inside our womb before we feel signs of quickening, but we abide and hold on to truth that a baby is indeed there.  It is much the same for so many things in life – passages of birth, of growth, of death.  Abiding is part of that time of deepest and most steadfast growth.

Hold fast and hold true,


10 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday: Abiding

  1. Beautiful. And so true. We’ve had a really *eventful* (/tragic) few years in our family – grandparents divorcing, moving to a new town, and then out to a farm, a new baby… But this is one thing i have tried to hold on to – that although i can’t see the end, i know the nature of my Creator – and He is only good.

  2. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. We are in the process of selling our home, moving to a new place, waiting to hear about work. I’m trying to show my children and teach them to have a prayerful wait and see attitude. Abide is definitely the word I would use.

  3. This is such an uncomfortable place for me to be and yet your words ring so true! It has been over a year of this wondering and knowing somewhere deep inside that the true goodness will be revealed. And yet, my perfectionism and need to control want to scream!

  4. That line from Tennyson, “Though much is taken, much abides” is so tender and dear to me. I have recited it to myself over and over for probably 25 years.

    Love to you my friend.

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