A Fisherman Circle

The last circle I posted was here:  https://theparentingpassageway.com/2013/06/22/circle-and-activities-for-st-johns-tide/.  Right now I am working up to Labor Day with the theme of the archetypal fisherman in mind.

Here are some circle activities to enjoy:

Call to Circle:

I have a verse given to me by a Waldorf teacher, and I am not sure it is okay to share…it begins, “Come to the circle where dreams are found”

Now look around – we’ve formed a ring by joining hands you see

And I am here and you are there and together we are we

Opening verse, found in different variations in different places:

The earth is firm beneath my feet, the sun shines bright above

And here I stand so strong and true all things to know and love

Traditional Song, found in Mary Thienes- Schunemann’s book “Sing A Song With Baby”: (I changed the order of the verses, and will add movement of circling steps, contraction and expansion in the circle, and hope to end seated with work for the soles of the feet.   There are three verses, here is the first oneSmile):

I love to row in my big, blue boat

My big blue boat, My big blue boat

I love to row in my big blue boat, out on the deep blue sea

(2 more verses)

(Stand up) What is it I spy? (could use paper tube telescope)

I see a whale!

Use whale verse and puppet from Suzanne Down’s book “Around the World With Finger Puppet Animals”)  (Have puppet and silks ready)

Look, I see some fishes..do you see?

Right there, right there, right by the whale!

Fish verse from Suzanne Down’s book “Around the World With Finger Puppet Animals” – use our hands as the fishes!

Do you know that once I caught a fish alive?

(Traditional, many sources on the Internet):

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive

6,7,8,9, 10 then I let him go again

Why did you let him go?

Because he bit my finger so.

Which finger did he bite?

This little finger on the right.

Finger play:

I have to gather my sailor men, it is almost time to set off again.

Ten little sailors (all ten fingers standing straight up)

All dressed in blue

Looking at me (fingers bow in)

Looking at you (finger bow out)

So off to the sails we go, to haul away for better weather

(I have older children in circle, so they will enjoy a hearty sea chanty not especially geared to our littlest one, although there is a version in Mary Thienes-Schunemann’s “This is the Way We Wash-A-Day” book):

Haul away, Joe! Song –   you can look on You Tube for many versions, many are not suitable for younger years, but there are several verses one could use or make up your own words to go with the chorus…I will bring it down with an ending verse, and then we will say our final circle verse together:

To earth we come to greet the light, to greet the sun

So God greets me in all I do,

And you and I and God are one.

Many blessings on your gathering time!


3 thoughts on “A Fisherman Circle

  1. Carrie,
    Is this grade specific, or any grade? We’re kindy/1st grade (declaring kindy, really not sure what to call it/us / oldest taking a 2nd year kindy Waldorfy ‘class’ this year).

    • Hi Michele,
      Kindy -ish, although the sea chanty at the end is for my eight and twelve year olds…
      I think for kindy it would be nice, and perhaps with more movement and verses you could spice it up a bit for your older child… Try it out and observe your children; they will let you know!

  2. Sounds like fun Carrie. Reminds me of a great picture book we found this summer at our favorite local bookstore. “If You Want to See a Whale”. I think you’d like it.

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