Favorite Links of The Week!

Homemaking and planning are well on my mind this week and I have a few links to share regarding these subjects.  I feel drawn within and am very excited about what is going on within the four walls of my home these days!

Anyway, here are some lovely links:

Renee’s post about the Early Years (birth through seven):  http://heirloomseasons.blogspot.com/2011/05/waldorf-early-years-resources.html

The Complete Girl’s Guide To Home Skills:  http://www.wholesomechildhood.com/GirlsGuide/ and The Boy’s Guide to Homemaking Skills: http://www.wholesomechildhood.com/BoysGuide/.  These are a Christian resource, but I think they could be helpful to anyone, and even adults looking to establish rhythm and routine in this area!   And, this could be great to combine with Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool’s  baking posts and have a whole “Summer Mama Camp” and set up some ideas for nurturing your home as part of your love for your family where everyone takes part:  http://simplehomeschool.net/teaching-kids-to-bake/

And last but not least, I asked Rebecca over at Wee Dragon to take something she wrote and turn it into a blog post….and she did! I am so excited, and would like all of you to take a look regarding her thoughts on Waldorf Education and guilt:  http://weedragon.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/real-waldorf-and-homeschool-guilt/  Excellent post that resonated with me!

Many blessings,

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