Links To Love

First of all, a great link about nighttime breastfeeding for all the tired parents out there:

Second of all, please read Annette’s heartfelt post regarding leaving Waldorf Education:

Here is an article from Melisa Nielsen on the importance of planning for your homeschooling experience:

I have had some questions via email from some Christian mothers who don’t really feel drawn to the Fairy Tales to teach letters.  I point out in this post that Dr. Steiner gave very practical examples from real-life to teach the letters here: Also, please don’t forget the broad themes of Waldorf Education at home:

For those of you unschooling, here is a post why calling unschooling “child-led learning”, may not be the best choice of words:

Many blessings,

3 thoughts on “Links To Love

  1. I really enjoyed the nighttime breastfeeding link. My 35 month old and I are at the very end of our breastfeeding relationship and it’s encouraging and fulfilling to know all the good our many, many nighttime breastfeeding sessions did for him. Thank you for sharing.

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