Simplicity Monday

Here in the United States, we are entering the official start of summer with the celebration of Memorial Day.  I find this time of year a great time to take stock of my home.

What needs to be decluttered and gone through over the summer before school starts?

How can I streamline errands?

How can I get costs down on  necessary items, such as food?

One way I declutter is to sit down with a calendar at the beginning of the summer, pencil in days for vacations and day trips we want to take, and then pencil in what areas in my home need attention on certain dates.  I have the garage on my list, plus the school room and other areas.

Recently,  I have been attempting to streamline errands by shopping on-line.  I am sure many states have this, but I feel lucky to live in a state where I can get delivery to my door of local and organic produce, milk, eggs, etc. (If you are in Georgia or Arizona, try searching under Nature’s Garden Delivered.  If you are in a different state, there may be something similar to this).    I also live in a town where we have local coordinators for bulk organic and grass fed meat deliveries (try Mother Earth’s Meats here  Ordering on-line is saving me money and time, too.

Please share your best tips for simplifying your summer schedule, your homes, and your shopping.

Many blessings, and happy summer!


1 thought on “Simplicity Monday

  1. I’m on the same path as you. We’re looking to get rid of half of our possessions by the end of the year, so I’ve been taking things slow and de-cluttering room by room. I have a few day trips planned for the summer that I will get on the schedule this weekend (thanks for reminding me.) And, I use Subscribe and Save on for automatic shipments of certain items like body wash, toothbrush head replacements, etc. It really saves time and money. I need to look into local produce/egg delivery here too. 🙂

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