Simplicity Monday

Whilst it is snowing today in some parts of the United States, the end to the school year is coming, and I look forward to Whole Days of Nothing.

Life, and the rhythm of life, moves in seasons.  And summer is a perfect time to slow down, re-charge, re-evaluate and take time for the moments that matter.

This year has been so difficult for me, and I hope that summer proves to be a time of hope and healing.  I hope it is for you and your family as well.  Many I know also went through a difficult time this year, a year of complete loss.  So, in honor of this time of rest and rejuvenation…..

May you have nothing on your calendar to do except for what you want.

May you have whole days of nothing to do.

May you have time with the people who are most important.

May you take time to take care of yourself.

May you find joy in the great creation and nature outside your door.

May you re-discover what is most important.

May you grow in a healthy way.

Much love for whole days of nothing,


11 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday

  1. Curious how you handle Mosquitos and how that affects your outside enjoyment in the summertime. Where I live we get tiger mosquitoes which are extremely aggressive and out all day long. It makes going outside somewhat of a pain having to be covered in repellent from head to toe. We do it, but just curious how you handle it.

  2. Thank you. I just found your blog recently. This year was very difficult for us as well. We have been taking a break for a few weeks since my oldest had finished her math curriculum. It’s been healing in many ways. I hope this break is healing for you and your family.

  3. Thank you for such an encouraging post! I could not agree with you more about summer! May God Bless you and your family with a wonderful summer!

  4. I am sorry you had a difficult year. I love your blog, and all of your posts. Your strength shines through and gives so many of us the renewed inspiration we need. Thank you for sharing all of your insights and courage with us in spite of your challenges this year.
    Much love.

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