Simplicity Monday

“In their consistency, rhythms establish trust.  They offer children a sense of order…the joy of anticipation and the security of things to be counted on, every day.”  — Simplicity Parenting, Kjm John Payne

This is the time of year when many mothers lament to me that they feel like a failure.  “We haven’t gotten enough done in homeschooling!  We will be homeschooling in July!”

“My one main goals this year was to establish a rhythm to my home for my small children and I am still struggling with it.”

Or it can be very black and white:  “I have a rhythm, I stick to it…but there is no joy, no spontaneity, no room for the unexpected.”

I want to encourage you today.  This has been an exceedingly difficult year for me as well, and for my family.  And sometimes, in those periods, I am so grateful that I had a rhythm, a consistency to our days established.  Those benchmarks of the day help me go along through the day, and through the year.

There are always going to be things that “come up”,  but much like how wonderful your own bed feels after you come home from a vacation, coming back to rhythm can be a wonderful, comforting feeling.

I don’t think it is too late in the year to establish a rhythm if you don’t have one.  Rhythm can change with the seasons, it should be loose enough to have space and time in it for life’s unexpected, and it doesn’t have to be this completely detailed, has-to-be perfect noose about your neck.  You can work with it as a work in progress, as something that brings you and your family joy.

If family is about moments of together, at its heart is a rhythm that binds and unites us in the loving care of one another. 

Many blessings,


4 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday

  1. This post is just what I needed before I go to sleep. I was just feeling low thinking, ‘will I ever get a rhythm to our life which I feel gives us more of the consistency the kids need. Will I ever feel in control of it and less like we are triping and falling through the day’.
    I too have come to some personal realisations which I must not be in denial about. I am by nature a laidback person who is happy to let things flow in contrast and often in conflict to the controlling side of my nature that so badly needs to be in control. I am terrible in the mornings and am woken when my kids crawl into my room into my bed and we cuddle and love for half an hour then all get up. I have nearly 4yr old twins who for the most part get on very well. They often play then for a bit as I get dresed make beds (sometimes they help), then we brush teeth and have our breakfast. Then I often find til lunch we are eratic. Sometimes they love to have some circletime songs in the garden or house, maybe end with a puppet show or we enact Goldilocks in the garden. Other days we walk the dog. But I find sometimes they just don’t want to walk him, or they just don’t want to sing songs and have a little circletime they just want me to play with them or on their own. Then I get frustrated. Then after snack we may cook, or paint or dough or some crayon\drawing. We have help at home so we have help with cleaning and cooking and therefore they have grown up dipping in and out of those daily chores but they are not part of our rhythm as such.
    So much to change about our days, about myself to pull it altogether it just feels like too much of an uphill struggle! But I live in some peace seeing how happy the girls are, they have their moments through the day but they seem content.
    I am fine if things go smooth , but somedays I see myself getting so impatient because I can’t ge them to come for a walk or such like….then I feel maybe its beacuse they are lost and there is no real consistency. So I can’t blame them.
    Needed this ramble, and thanks Carrie for your inspiring and fabulous blog.

    • Tuggies,
      Loved your ramble. I think it is one that many of us can identify with.
      Many blessings, you are doing a good job even in thinking about these issues and yes, confronting the challenges within ourselves (what is holding us back? What are we doing that is a stop sign in this process?) is a huge part of this…

  2. Oh Carrie, I love that last sentence! Copying it into my journal tonight. I have always struggled with rhythm even while I believe that it will in the end give me so much of what my heart longs for in my family. So, next year, I am stepping off the merry-go-round of crazy modern day mother driving all over town-ness and keeping my youngest home instead of sending him off to preschool again. I have no idea how it will turn out, or how I will manage it exactly, but my heart is telling me that we need more time and more space to BE and this feels like a good way to move in that direction. I have two older boys in a montessori school and they adore it and are doing so well, and my youngest is my most challenging, but I find that when I can be present and especially when I can follow waldorf principles that i have learned here from you in relating to him and in structuring our environment, we are both so happy. So, I am stepping out to make that an even bigger part of my reality in this next year. So many of your encouragements and ideas here have helped lead me to this point. Bless you.

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