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This is a great post about parenting and anger..have you all read this?

I love Mrs. Mallard’s post on the Waldorf Doll, and our most secret desires for our children to love those dolls!  I have been there too… eleven year old is right there with her eleven year old, and my three year old’s favorite doll is …yep, a plastic baby doll named Lucy.

I adore this post with ten tips for the Lenten Season:

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2 thoughts on “Links To Love…

  1. My four-year-old loves her tstuffed animal toy cat, which she treats like a doll. She doesn’t want a doll! I said I would make her one — as I did for all my other children –, but she told me I could play with it since she had her cat :). All my children still sleep with their Waldorf dolls and for important events (like the election of a new pope or a trip) the dolls still have to watch or come along, even my 15-year-old hasn’t given up his attachment completely. Some of them have played with them more than others, my 10-year-old has been and still is the most attached to hers.

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