Simplicity Monday

Balance means weaving yourself into the fabric of your everyday life.  What moments are for you and you alone?

A time to go and look at the stars for a moment?

A time for a cup of tea, uninterrupted?

A time for a shower?

A time for waking up in the early moments before everyone in the house is stirring?

What time, what moments are just for you?  Work to create those moments a few times a day, no matter how small the moments are.  You are important and of worth outside of being all the things you are to all the people in your life. You deserve a few treasured moments just to be.

Many blessings,


7 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday

  1. I know I’m a better mother when I have some time alone. It is a big reason to get out of bed at 6am, so that I can have an hour to myself. I also like to walk for 45 minutes to an hour after ML are over. After dinner, I usually slink out and go on the computer while the boys are with Tom.

    This was not always possible when the boys were smaller, but now that they are 11 and 7, I find they need time apart from me, just as much as I need time apart from them.

    Whenever anyone brings up the “socialization” aspect of homeschooling, I always respond with something about how I think it is a bigger problem that kids don’t know how to be alone – without a group of peers, without a device, without someone telling them what to do. But really, we as a society are losing our capacity to be by ourselves – and to be in meaningful conversation/relationship in the REAL world with each other. I went to a coffee shop with a friend of mine last night – all 4 of our boys were at scouts. We chatted away an hour, and when we were getting set to leave, a group of older men came up to us and said how refreshing it was to see people having a conversation, rather than hunched over a computer or a phone.

    Sorry for the soapbox! But these are important things for us and for our children. They deserve the time they take!


  2. I had such a moment last week on holiday in Chamonix in France. Two minutes lying on the snow looking up at the clouds moving slowly. Bliss! Nicola xx

  3. Thank you for that! Exactly what I needed to hear today! 🙂 Just reading those words gave me pause to stop and take a luxuriously deep breath. Ahhhhhh.

  4. Our very old dog no longer sleeps through the night and needs to be walked between 2-4 am. I’ve come to enjoy this little peaceful walk with him in the darkness of night in the open field behind out house while everyone else sleeps. It’s so nice to feel small in the big world at night when during the day, you’re everything to 5 little people!

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