Simplicity Monday

Watching a sunset.

Planting flowers.

Eating an unhurried dinner together.

Having weekends free for a hike or a visit to the lake.

Being able to kick a soccer ball around the yard together or play catch and watching the dog steal the ball.

These are a few of my favorite things, and they might be favorites of yours as well.  Particularly as children grow older, these are important things for children to have consistently and  repeatedly as the fabric of their lives so it is so embedded they don’t even have to recall the memory:  it is just there, in their skin and in their hearts.

Last week I asked those of you who were busy people with a busy family, especially those of you with multiple children and children over the age of ten, to consider setting aside at least two weekdays and one weekend day a week just to be together at home in an unhurried way.

This week, I give you another way to simplify outside activities:  Look at the week, look at the month, look at the year.

Last Monday we essentially looked at the week.  Today, I ask you to get out a calendar and look at the month:  if the month is exceptionally busy, what would happen if you could take a weekend off?   Or even a  whole week off of outside activities and just be home somewhere within that busy month? 

Look at a whole semester, a whole season, a whole year.  Do things balance out at any point? Maybe you usually have a busy autumn, but your summer is carefree with nowhere to be..Is that enough for you to have balance?

Many blessings in creating time and space for your family,


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