Simplicity Monday

I was thinking today about how activities are like circles in our lives: that circle that is a place of worship and all its corresponding activities, this circle that is a beautiful homeschooling group, here is a circle for the activities of this child and here is a circle for the activity of that child…

The circles can be beautiful, like overlapping flower petals..But they can also be so numerous that the center of the circles, the family, is dissected into little bits.

Many times all the activities themselves are good and are worthy, but there can just be too many circles.  When there are no free afternoons in the week, and hardly any free weekends, there is just too much.  Sometimes we have to say “NO”, even to the good and the worthy, in order to say “YES” to our family life.  “YES” to being able to have the time and space to just be.  “YES” to having the time and space to just connect.

Some families don’t face this issue; but I know many who do, especially as their children become older and they have multiple children going in different directions. 

Take out your calendar, and mark off two days a work week and one weekend day, just to BE.  Your family will thank you.

Please share what you are doing right now to make your simplify your life so you have more time with your family in a present and loving way.

Many blessings,

7 thoughts on “Simplicity Monday

  1. Thanks Carrie! I love all of your posts! Right now I am taking a break in my life and some time to relax and just be with my kids. It is very important to do this.

  2. This week I left the Waldorf school to simplify my life and will be making Waldorf Inspired Home School with some help of friends, this is for me something challenging and that will simplifies my life and the family in a lots of ways…

  3. We just have a toddler with a second baby due in August. Right now, we try to reserve Tuesdays and Fridays for La Leche League meetings, playgroups, and formal playdates/park meet ups. It doesn’t always work, as other families are not operating on the same schedule! So if we haven’t seen a friend in a few weeks, we will visit with them on a non-designated day. That gives us plenty of time to do the major chores around the house on different days, the baking on a different day, etc. Rachel often asks about seeing her little friends, but we just cheerfully say that no, today is baking day, so we stay at home with mommy.

    • Emily, what a great idea – and follow through. I am trying to limit our playdates to the day we are already out of the house for our Waldorf-based class in the morning. We used to go to market that afternoon and sandwich playtime outdoors with friends in between but sadly it was phased out in favor of Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing how others simplify here!

  4. In the fall we had just too much to do, so now I cut our list of to do’s drastically down. I set all the outings to only two days a week. This way we have some room for the unexpected, like doctor visits if necessary. Otherwise after schoolwork the rest of the afternoons are for unscheduled fun and family time. It makes our life so much easier!

  5. we just took our 8 year old out of dance lessons, as swimming lessons have started (which is a more important life saving skill to learn). she enjoyed dance but she goes to public school and I did not want to take away any more of her (or our) free time. Sometimes you just have to prioritize!

  6. Hey Carrie,
    We have continued to say “no” to organized sports. It is more time than I am willing to devote to something that I don’t see that much good coming out of. We do Scouts (3x per month) and pennywhistle (1x per week) and that is it.
    I remember growing up that activities were scheduled for after school time (3:30 to 5:00). Now everything is scheduled at dinnertime or later – this is crazy!! Friends of ours participate in a basketball league where the practice goes from 8-9:30PM for 10 year olds!! That is nuts!
    I can be hard to say “no” to these things, but I think (hope) we are modeling what we value and that is a bigger lesson.

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