The Light Of Epiphany


Christmastide is coming to a close; the beautiful and sacred twelve holy days and nights are ending in this glorious Twelfth Night.  I hope you have beautiful plans for tomorrow!


Some of my dear friends and I gathered to make these sweet stars:



You can find instructions for these stars and other Epiphany crafts, including a recipe for a Twelfth Night cake, here at Little Acorn Learning:


In the book, “All Year Round”, the authors write, “The star that the Wise Men followed led not away into the widths of the heavenly worlds but to a house, an earthly dwelling, and an inevitable part of their journey was their encounter with evil in the person of Herod.  We, too, may be following a star, seeking the abode of our highest aspirations.  This is always to be found on the earth – set firmly in the ground of daily life, earthly tasks and responsibilities.  On the way, we meet unforeseen difficulties, disappointments, even dangers, which may force us to change direction.  But on all this the star shines:  on the success and the failure, on the good and the evil, and in the clear light of its rays we are guided ever forward.”


May you all have a blessed day, and here is to finding your path this year in 2013. 


6 thoughts on “The Light Of Epiphany

  1. wow thank you so much for posting this i have been wanting to bring waldorf more into my life for my son and i.. so thank you i cant wait to make this star.. its beautiful.. blessings to you during this amazing time! peace on earth NOW!~!~!

  2. Hey Carrie, Thanks for these ideas. Those stars are beautiful. I love what they have written in All Year Round. We are going to do the play included in there today with our felted nativity set. Jude has always loved the three kings (ironic, as he is a TERRIBLE traveler – perhaps they could be his patron saints rather than his namesake) Debating about making a king cake as I am trying to get everyone back on the straight and narrow path after the holidays. We shall see.
    Love to you.

  3. Blessings on your year ahead Carrie. Thank you for your friendship, guidance, support and love throughout the past year. You are an Earthly Angel! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your family Epiphany. We always cook the cake from All Year Round. DH calls it ‘The cake of the year’! As he ate left overs yesterday he suggested we could make it another time through the year and I said “That’s what makes it so special honey, waiting a WHOLE year for the deliciousness of this cake!”

    Epiphany always feels like a real New Years celebration to me – it’s a lovely way to celebrate starting the year ahead and closing the year behind.

    All Blessings 🙂 xxxx

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