All You Can Do



All you can do in the face of such tragedy, such tragedy and loss that it makes no sense at all…is to gather your family and love them.   Tell your children, show your children this love. Gather your community and sit in intimate love with all of those people.  Reach out to the people in your community who don’t reach out. Help those who need it.


All you can do in the face of tragedy is to be as strong as you can.  Go into each day with the assured knowledge that despite the actions of one person, the world is still a good place.  There are still kind and caring people everywhere.  The world is not a place to be feared and it is not a place from which  to isolate your children.  Isolation is not the solution to societal problems. 


All you can do in the face of tragedy is to find support in your community.  Your community can carry far more for you and for your children than you ever could on your own. 


All you can do in the face of tragedy is create your own home to be a place of goodness, a place of beauty and of stability.  Create a safe and steady rhythm for your days, your week and your year.  Go back to the wisdom of earlier times, to those who knew the cosmic rhythms, knew the liturgical rhythms, and knew the rhythm of man himself in life.


All you can do in the face of tragedy is to love your children with all your heart.  Heal your childhood wounds. Do not pass these onto your children.   Tame your words, and take a break if you need it in order to tame your words and actions.   Yet, at the same time, be easy on yourself and on those around you.  Life is not perfect, people are not perfect.  And yet we are all still here and we can all love one another.


All you can do in the face of tragedy is to lean on your God when you cannot walk yourself.   Tragedy faces men, yet we rise up in triumph.  Tragedy faces us, yet we persevere.  Tragedy faces us, yet we remain strong.  Tragedy faces us, yet we create anew. 


Rise up.  Love one another and start from the most precious place one can start – our own homes and families.  Let our light branch out to the rest of mankind.


Rise up.

Mourning tonight with the rest of the world,


10 thoughts on “All You Can Do

  1. Thank you for your stability and guidance. I did not know where to take my feelings as a mom and then I found this. Forwarding to all my friends and loved ones as we all feel fear, loss and yearn for modern traversing. Thank you Carrie!

  2. Thank you Carrie!
    I feel so upset and sorrowful when I think about this tragedy, all I can think of are those poor children and their families. Let us keep them in our prayers!

  3. Thank you Carrie for helping me know and reminding me how to set the tone for my children in the coming days of pure, pure sadness. When we look at the horror let us not forget to see all the help and love that was there too.

  4. Thank you Carrie – I know so many of us are feeling heartbroken and helpless. And it’s a timely subject for me, as I’m struggling a lot with my own anger, and my feelings of overwhelm, trying to juggle family, running a small business (Actually, 2!), and a farm. Any particular resources to recommend? Thank you as always for being such a light!

    • Adrie,
      So hard that you have so much to juggle; I think the main resource for you is to garner some time alone and really think about what your priorities are. Really discerning the essential is important. If it is all essential, then having the time to plan, organize and yes, deciding what you can let go or delegate is essential. Draw upon your religious path; a daily rule of prayer in whatever spiritual or religious tradition you have is important.
      Hugs to you at this most busy time of the year,

  5. Carrie,
    I’m feeling the pain your country and your people is facing. Hope it will also bring a change.
    Embracing all the people who are suffering for this tragedy.

    Federica from Italy

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