Ideas For The Second Week of Advent

The second week of Advent is upon us; perhaps we are fasting and praying in accordance with our religious traditions of Advent being a small Lent.  Perhaps we are feeling weary from having a holiday season that is moving rather fast; the fatigue that comes from trying to create perfect holiday memories for the children or the fatigue of spending.

I invite you this week to go back to the true meaning of Advent.  Perhaps this is the week you really think heartily about that question that truly seems to afflict first-world citizens more than others:  how much do we really need to “get”?  What are we giving?  How much do our children really “need”?  Is that what they are going to associate this season with – getting?

Staring new traditions can be difficult.  I was reading the post on gratitude the other day on the blog A Holy Experience and how they exchange no gifts at all and instead choose gifts from catalogues designed to help others – giving the gifts of animals, trees, seeds, bees.  If you are thinking about new traditions, I don’t think it is ever too late to start.  I saw this post on Simple Mom regarding supporting mothers in need for the holidays here:  Perhaps a tradition along these lines will be of interest to your family.

Here are some nourishing ideas for this second week of Advent.  I am listing my plans as a springboard for you to do your own planning.  My plans are centered around this second week being a week of the beautiful growing plant kingdom and a deepening and layering in of the religious nature of Advent.

The Second Sunday in Advent, December 9th:  Decorating the house with greenery and other natural finds is on my list

Monday, December  10th:  I would like to make this sweet Christmas tree ornaments:

Tuesday, December 11th:  Today would be a lovely day to tell the story of the Christmas Rose:

Wednesday, December 12th:  Many people mark today as the Feast Day for Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas.  This is a wonderful day to tell the legend of the poinsetta:  I also love Tommy dePaola’s book about this legend:

The Legend of the Poinsettia

Thursday, December 13th:  Santa Lucia Day is here!  I have the most wonderful and gentle story on this blog written by lovely guest poster Tiziana Boccaletti in regards to this special day:

I also have this link to some beautiful handwork in honor of Santa Lucia Day:

Here is the recipe for buns that I use:

Friday, December 14th:  Today we are celebrating a birthday in my family, so we have co-op and birthday celebrations…I doubt I will have a lot of time to create today.

Saturday, December 15th : We have a birthday party to celebrate with friends; and today is the day I would like to bake some Christmas cookies in the shape of Christmas trees.

I cannot wait to hear your wonderful plans!

Many blessings,


6 thoughts on “Ideas For The Second Week of Advent

    • Aw, Happy Birthday Federica! I think you are one of my longest long-time readers!
      Many blessings for a wonderful coming year!

  1. Thank you for sharing what you are planing next week. I have added the poinsettia story and a craft to our week as we were already doing some similar things to you! Have a blessed advent.

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