Day Twelve: Twenty Days Toward More Mindful Mothering

What lovely timing to have the first day of Advent beginning tomorrow, and to have our topic for Day Twelve be that of “warmth.”  I recently wrote about warmth on All Saints Day, one of my favorite days of the whole year, but today I really want to expand upon this concept of warmth as an inner quality that we hold for children.

I see many adults who do not seem to be convinced that the world is a good place, or that the people around them are good.  This can be particularly difficult to hold sometimes in this season of holidays and in gathering with relatives and perhaps even friends whom we might feel hold judgment against us or the way we are raising our own family.

Yet we must hold this warm and caring space for our children.  Our beliefs and our moods penetrate our children, and giving a child a “Christmas mood” year round is a fundamental foundation for the small child.  Our ability to cultivate and hold this mood should come back to the work we do in our religious and spiritual path. 

Warmth is about creating connections with others, and embracing others with love. It is obviously more than just  tolerating others; it is loving others.  This is, to me, the warmth that children are searching for as they learn and grow.  An unconditional connection, but also a supportive encourager who can help their children grow into human beings who have a life of deeds and actions filled with loving thoughts.  This is the task of the parent.

Work this week to cultivate warmth and a picture of goodness in the world for your children.  Hug your children, love them, uphold boundaries in a loving way to help them grow, tell your children that they are wonderful.  This mood should not only penetrate this season, but our souls and live in our children.

Many blessings,

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