This is one of my favorite days of the whole year:  All Saints Sunday!   I love celebrating this day, which this year was this past Thursday, the day after Halloween and I love attending church to deepen the meaning of this day, the beginning of a whole season of Light.

I have Roman Catholic friends who remember All Saints Day being a major festival in their year – they got off from school, first of all, LOL, but I do think it is an important day that is now being lost and dwarfed by Halloween.  All Saints Day, to me,  is a very special day to recognize the light that the Saints carried inside of them, that spark of God and the angels, and that we too, carry that light within us.  We have within us the light, the spark of the Divine and when we act with love in full social community, we show not only our higher selves but the thinning of the material and spiritual worlds.

One way we share this light with others is through our warmth.  Emotional warmth is so important.  How do we relate to others?  With judgment, with cynicism?  Do we isolate ourselves instead of trying to be part of a community?  Do we answer our children with love when they speak to us or do we yell at them?  Are we so overwhelmed we find it difficult to share our light and warmth with anyone? Continue reading