At The End Of The Teaching Day…

Did I put as much movement as possible into my Main Lesson?

Did I stir a feeling in my child through the pictures, stories and images I presented?

Did my child put forth effort and work, thereby developing his or her own will?

Did we have fun?  Did we laugh?  Did I hug my child and love them?

Did I teach my child something new?  New can also be nuances on an existing subject or theme…

Did I use sleep as an aid to my teaching?  Did I keep reviewing what my child needs to review?  One time is not enough!

Did my children and I do something practical for the nurturing care of our home?

Many blessings,

6 thoughts on “At The End Of The Teaching Day…

  1. Dear Carrie,

    Sleep as an aid? What does this mean? My 1,3, and 5 year old are all napping 2 hours each day and we seem to be the only ones doing this. Sometimes I even feel guilty that my 5 year old daughter misses out on things that other kids her age are doing because of our sacred nap. At the same time I know that what we are doing is beneficial- but really sets us apart from other families we know! Even the waldorfy ones!
    Also.. Ah ha! I finally get the whole “will” thing from the way you described it here. I always associated will and children with “the willful child” who screams “no! I don’t want that! I want this and that!” I, I, I, ego, ego, ego. I thought why develope this? – okay, so I have my daughter bring laundry to the washer , set the table (not consistently though), and other small things. She often resists even table setting. I don’t want it to be a battle if the wills; I want to sing our “let’s set the table” song and have her feel proud to help and contribute. So, when she resists I let it go. How SHOULD I handle it now that you e made me finally see what is meant by developing the will. – side note: as you once said, just having the house standing at Tge end of the day means you’ve had a good day when you have multiples under a certain age (I don’t recall just how you phrased it). I am so busy with feeding, diapering, potting, tidying, napping, that even with a good rythm I find it hard to create time to do everything I wish to do.. Top example: tidying up together after play. I’ve instead had to fight hard against my nerosiss and LET GO and let messes build throughout the day and tidy up on my own after kids are asleep – though I wish to be able to do this differently.
    I’d love to hear any and all you have to teach me!

    Thanks Carrie,

    • Hi Miamom,
      Typically in Waldorf Education we think of sleep as a teaching aid for the grades when we present material in a two or three day rhythm. You can read more about that for those children aged seven and up here:

      As far as developing the will of the child (the will in a good way! 🙂 Glad you saw this term as it is meant in Waldorf Education, not as it has become to be meant in our culture and time)…rhythm is a huge developer of this. I think slow down, and set up for a task, do the task lovingly with involvment from the children, and finish the task by cleaning up. You are developing their will. The major key to this is 1. simplify the amount of stuff in your home so things have a place – 2. Create a rhythm where you are not doing everything every day, but each day has a particular focus, whether that be cleaning, baking, laundry, etc. You can read more about this under the Homeschooling tab, the kindergarten section.

      Here is another post you might like, although I don’t think you sound as if you have no rhythm at all – just by basing your rhythm with small children around sleep and meals and everyone standing by the end of the day, you are doing a great job:

      Many blessings to you,

    • We are simplified. We have a place for everything. That one I got down. Our rhythm is pretty solid but still developing as this is new for us. I’d like to have a Monday meal plan and maybe even a Monday outfit for my 5 yo. I do not homeschool. My daughter did 3 half days of nursery at a Waldorf school in Chestnut Ridge NY state last year, and this year 5 half days at the farm kindergarten which is located on a farm as well as a fellowship community for the care of the elderly. So, part of our new fall rythm is me having 3 kids and myself fed and clean and dressed by 8 am without rushing?! I do so much prep the night before to do anything I can to avoid being hurried and harried as you say, in the mornings. Then there is a 12:00 pick up. So, between two daily trips out of the home, my daily laundry, prayers, meal prep and clean up and all the other little things in between, it seems like no matter how organized I am with my time or devoted I am to the cause of best practices for patenting in my home, there simply is not enough time for everything. Also, my husband travels for work and I can sometimes only rely on myself to carry the kids from 5am when I rise until bedtime. I imagine things just need a bit of time to get to where I’d like them to be with our rythm. It took me time to have the understanding of the Waldorf way that I have now. It could not have been learned in a week or a month, or from one or two books. It took time and experience and many sources for learning; the top of which has been your blog 🙂 What I would like to change the most right now is having the children clean up. Because I can not put all 3 kids to bed simultaneously and because I try to make time for the kids throughout the day, helping them with their play, resolving a dispute, reading a story, watching a show or a stunt, and also not rushing meal times and bed time routines, I sincerely seem to run out of time by the end of the day when all 3 kids are ready for sleep, getting overtired, and I am one person and must first put baby to sleep before I can be with the other children (who are solo and getting overtired and hyper). If this is simply the reality of where I am at right now with the ages of my children, then fine. I see that the job is not possible; that ALL things can not fit on my plate and that something’s have to slide off, namely my not being able to sing “let’s tidy up” and clean up WITH my kids instead of staying up late and doing it by myself (dinner dishes, bedtime for 3 kids, kitchen clean up and toy tidy up). (That ideal I just mentioned above..that IS how it’s supposed to be done, right? ) If this is not simply the reality of where I am at with the ages of my children being what they are and I being only human- if there is something more that I can do I’d like to do it and would feel guilty to know that I am hurting my family and myself by not doing it. Ugh, that nagging parental guilt.

      I have to apologize: I am tired and have little time and am squeezing in the time to type this up instead of sleeping – SO, I DO HOPE I’ve made sense here and have been at least somewhat coherent!!!

      Grazie mille (a million thanks), Mia

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    • Sweet MiaMom
      You are doing a fantastic job; it is not possible to do everything and the time when a wee one is in kindergarten actually fly by very quickly with the drive time and such. All you can do is plan, and plan what you can let go. It will not be possible for you to carry everything right now, especially when your husband is traveling. If everyone has a steady rhythm, food in their bellies, time to play and warming meals, then I think you are doing great!

      Is there any way to lay down with all the children at once in a large bed or would that not work? I have know many mothers who found that was the only way they could parent all the children to sleep at once…or by letting the two older ones share a bed or a sleeping space even if they had separate rooms…I don’t know the exact ages of all three children, is your oldest the one in the five day kindergarten? If so, I can see where bedtime is challenging solo…:)

      I think pat yourself on the back, you are doing a great job for where you are! 🙂

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