Friday Linky Love!


I have a great list of links for you all today!


First of all, I have to say the launch of Atlanta Homeschool Magazine has only added fuel to my fire that Atlanta has a vibrant homeschooling community!   A family in my very own homeschool group partnered up with the magazine to help see it come to life, so I feel very excited for them!  Here is the link where you can check out the premier issue for  free:  . 


Another wonderful mother  in my homeschool group sent me this link to a gorgeous post from the Fifth Grade Botany block.  There is also a list of botany resources this particular family used in order to put together their block.  Check it out here:


My oldest is only in fifth grade, and in that time frame of homeschooling, I have seen quite a few families come and go as far as having a homeschool experience inspired by Waldorf Education.  I am thoroughly impressed with Annette, who makes Waldorf work for her, in her Christian home, with her six children.  Love to you, Annette!  Check out her Waldorf Wednesday Link-Ups:


We made these coconut flour muffins; my oldest and I enjoyed them whilst my husband and middle child did not.  I think they are yummy!


And, in the midst of moving houses in two weeks and teaching, I am already gathering thoughts for sixth grade next year (and third grade too!)…Here is a lovely link for sixth grade:


Much love, happy weekend,