Our Homeschooling Group Never Makes Those Lists……

(This group has since closed.  There are a number of inclusive homeschooling groups in our state to check out, and a Waldorf-inspired group as well.  Many blessings!)

Oh, you all know the lists I am talking about:  those ones on the big Yahoo! Groups where Waldorf homeschoolers write in and ask about, “Where is there a vibrant Waldorf homeschooling community?”  It always seemed to be answered by some destination in the Northeast or the Pacific Northwest.

I understand.  I mean really, the Deep South is not exactly considered progressive in many respects.  People from the West tend to be shocked by the lack of mandatory recycling when they move here.    It is extremely hot and humid so the air just plain upsets people from other parts of the non-humid country, and I remember being floored by the size of the insects when I moved here twenty years ago.  In fact, I distinctly remember thinking they surely were bigger than my dog.

But there good things too:  decent economic opportunity, a fairly low cost of living, a good stock of older homes and new construction, a good amount of hiking and biking and canoeing, great local farmers, lots of things to do, there are La Leche League, Attachment Parenting and Holistic Mom’s Groups here….And here, in the metro Atlanta area, we also have a very vibrant Waldorf homeschooling community.  It is a close-knit and loving group of really wonderful and wise women; we have supported each other through this journey and have a great love for  each other’s families.  People who move here from other parts of the country notice that and are really impressed with the intimacy, openness and friendliness of our homeschool community!  Always gratifying!

I have written in the past about how our group as grown from mainly meeting just for festivals and mainly kindergarten-type activities to now a full compliment of things for children ages birth through grade six.  This year, for example, we have field trips for each grade, seasonal activities like berry picking and apple picking, festivals with complete puppet shows, weekly co-op days with such things as handwork, German, woodworking and an Early Years group, park and swim days, a new annual trip to the beach to end the school year,  and lots of opportunities for adult learning where each month has a focus on some aspect of Waldorf education with adult classes and roundtables to learn more, adult classes, and a large curriculum fair that last year attracted folks from five neighboring states… We do work hard to reduce, reuse and recycle as a group…Most of our members are into natural foods and natural living.  We even hold classes on such things as how to make your own cultured vegetables.

We strive hard as a group  to provide the right thing at the right time, in accordance to what is traditionally done at a Waldorf School, to our children.  Sometimes we have bumps in the road as we grow…this year we have 46 children in co-op classes alone….  Growing a group can have its own aches and pains,and to address that we recently formed a Pedagogical Committee for our group that is comprised of committee heads and others to help discern the spiritual direction for our group.

We all live very spread out and are committed to driving to support each other and to make events.   If you want your children involved in a like-minded community, sometimes you have to work for it.   This can be challenging for folks who don’t want to leave their neighborhood, so that is always something we ask members to consider:  the balance of their own family life and the benefits of a like-minded community.    The location of things rotate, which sometimes works out well for some people on one side of town,and not so well for others.  Traffic can be not great, just like in any other metro area…

But overall, the ride is a good one.  So I wonder if Atlanta will ever start to show up on those lists?


14 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Group Never Makes Those Lists……

  1. Dear Carrie,
    I like this post because it makes me understand more the US and you know I love to discover and know better different culture. Infact most of the homeschoolers blogs I read (mostly waldorf but non exclusively) are from the areas you wrote about. Is there any sociological-statiscal research about homeschooling? My impression is that, apart from different religious confessions which I don’t want to talk about here, homeschoolers are mostly white -high educated (university degree) people. It’s rare to find afroamerican homeschoolers blog and even more hispanic or asian. I guess there are many cultural and social reasons for that. Asian culture really honors teachers and schools for example.
    Excuse me if my language might not be politically correct but English is a foreign language to me.

    P.S. If I’m too off topic, just leave it!

    • Hi Federica! Waving at you…
      THe South has a really high proportion of homeschoolers, probably higher than most of the other regions of the U.S. but less Waldorf stuff than other regions it seems – less schools, we have one eurythmist in our entire state, I don’t know of any anthroposophic doctors in our state, etc…Homeschooling down here may be more diverse than it is in other regions of the country though – I know plenty of African American homeschoolers, for example, but they certainly don’t all homeschool with a Waldorf tendency. 🙂 The U.S. is huge, and when I visit places like New Mexico or St. Croix, I love it – you feel like you are somewhere completely different, but it is still the U.S.
      Lots of love,

  2. Dear Carrie,
    you are right, US is a huge country, too huge to have a global overall. Italy is so small in comparison, like one of the states, I guess! As I told you many times, homeschooling is not an option here, not yet. I know only two families in my “state/region”, Lombardia which is surely the most progressive and one of the most populated and richest. Of course there might me other families but that is to give you an idea!
    Lots of love,

    • Hi Lakenormanprep! I wish I could take all of you in NC and move you to our group here in Georgia, hahahahahahha.
      Blessings to you!

  3. I hope so!! We are at fort Benning right now. I wish Atlanta wasn’t such a far drive, I have a hard time finding like minded people although I am thankful for our baby wearing/natural parenting meet ups and LLL! It’s good to know ATL has a waldorf group as we are contemplating moving up there.

  4. How can I get info on this group? I am interested in doing the Waldorf homeschooling education for my kids but want to see if there were ways of socializing as well so looking for groups to be a part of.

    • Jenna,
      This group has since closed, but there is are many inclusive homeschool groups in Atlanta, and there is a Waldorf-inspired group called Rhythm of the Earth that you can search for.
      Many blessings on your journey,

    • I am having the hardest time finding them. I am going through Google. Should I be using another resource?

  5. hello I am new to georgia and my children have always attended waldorf schools. I would love to know if theres is a homeschooling waldorf goup and or waldorf charter school? I tried googling Rhythm of the Earth as you suggested to someone else and had no luck finding them. Help please!

    • Hi Melinda,
      To my knowledge, there are no formal Waldorf homeschooling groups in the area currently. The Garden School of Marietta offers classes to Waldorf homeschoolers. There is also a small cluster of folks I believe in the Flowery Branch ish area. There is an active Anthroposophic Resource Center in Decatur that has events open to Waldorf homeschoolers as well. There is also a Waldorf School in Decatur. The Garden School in Marietta is a nature -based school with Waldorf leanings. Both are private schools. There are no Waldorf charter schools in Georgia. This Saturday, the 18th, I am giving a workshop on first grade homeschool planning. We would love to have you if you are free from 9-3:30. It is in Decatur. Please message me at admin@theparentingpassageway.com for more information.
      Blessings, and welcome to Georgia.

  6. Hi Carrie thank you so much for all your help but one last question….. Is Rhythm of the Earth a homeschooling group???? please tell me about them and how to contact them as well. thank you

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