Day Five, Part Two: Twenty Days Toward Being A More Mindful Mother

“Hatching” or “cross-hatching”  is a term often used to denote a kind of drawing technique where there is “ a rhythmic back and forth with a stick crayon or colored pencil.  Standing up to draw sometimes makes the production of tones more beautifully balanced.  If you are right-handed, the stroke that should feel most comfortable is diagonal from upper right to the lower left and back up again.  When finished, the tone should appear as if it were floating up out of the paper itself, and should be barely perceptible, with a slight darkening in the center…”  (page 8, “Drawing From The Book of Nature” by Dennis Klocek, available through various  Waldorf booksellers).  This drawing technique is typically taught to fourth graders and up in Waldorf schools.

I was practicing this technique the other night; a woman in my Foundation Studies class had drawn a gorgeous oak tree inside an acorn and I wanted to try to with this hatching technique. Mine didn’t turn out nearly as well as hers, but it made me think about how we all have a beautiful, bold, tall, strong tree inside of us…if we only take the time to nurture it.


I had been in the habit of doing yoga twice a day and intend to re-start this tonight.  I would love to hear what you are going to do this week to nurture yourself and take care of yourself.  Not only do you deserve to take care of yourself, but your family will appreciate it!

Many blessings, and Happy Mother’s Day to my American readers!


1 thought on “Day Five, Part Two: Twenty Days Toward Being A More Mindful Mother

  1. Thank you Carrie. I love your website…

    It has taken me years, but I have finally realized the importance of taking time to nurture myself. I too am committed to a yoga practice, but have also found that creating beauty (art, handwork) and gathering with other women nurtures my soul on a very deep level. To support this, I have just started a blog “”. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

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