Rhythm: Part Seven


In Part Five of this series on rhythm, we looked at the number one challenge toward establishing rhythm:  going out too much and saying “yes” to too many things outside the home.  Today, I want to tell you THE SECRET about having a successful rhythm.


It is getting out of your own way.


Release your anxiety and your fears.  Parent after parent after parent that I talk to who have homeschooled children who have graduated from homeschool say their children were well-prepared for college and for life, no matter what method the parent chose to homeschool!  Amazing and true! I see so many mothers who are worried, anxious and joyless in their parenting and homeschooling, and this is what the children see!  Don’t be wishy -washy and uncertain; fearful and scared!


Take the bull by the horns! Be confident!  Get your ho-hum on, and jump in where you are!  If you “fall off the routine bandwagon” jump back on where you are that moment.  It takes time to get a rhythm that works.  Commit to it as a forty day project. 


Your parenting may not be perfect!  Your homeschooling may not be perfect!  Mine isn’t; I make so many mistakes and things could always be done differently – but you know what?  I have an overall sense that my children are going to be JUST FINE. 


And in my weak moments, where I feel like something is not going to turn out well, or I start coming from a place of fear, I get down on my knees and pray.  And after I do that, I call a friend when my children are not around to overhear, and get a well –deserved pep talk.  I talk to my supportive spouse and surround myself with positive thinkers.


But most of all, become a positive thinker yourself.   Your children need to see that mistakes do not define who you are; they are only gateways and doorways to improvement and understanding. 


There are no guarantees in parenting or homeschooling; you do what you can do. Have some fun and act confident.  Make decisions, stick to them, change what is not working, quit talking so much and DO.


Many blessings on your journey toward rhythm as a basis of joy in your home,


7 thoughts on “Rhythm: Part Seven

  1. I really needed to hear this post right now! I am going through many uncertainties at the moment; the nine year change with my eldest, decisions to make regarding my future career as a steiner teacher etc. I think I am on the verge of breaking out into new territory which is scary for me and must be having a knock on effect with the children (I hope in the end in a positive way). At these certain times I walk out into nature and try to stay firmly ‘in the moment’ with my girls. Whatever happens I know that it will turn out OK in the end, as you Carrie say. I agree that the biggest stumbling block is often ourselves, isn’t that why we read blogs like these 😉 ?

    x Louisa

  2. This is so true. Today I had an unexpected cancellation of plans, so I had to do a mainlesson I wasn’t all that planned for. And it worked! Usually I put things off so much. I feel like I’m way behind on what I’d planned to cover. Its hard to accept ‘imperfection’ and just live in the real world.

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