Planning Time!!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! No, Virginia,  it is not Christmas, but it is planning time as all the boxes start to arrive in the mail.  There are lists to be made, supplies to be ordered,  rhythms to be tackled,  and prayers to be made regarding what to be involved in outside the home.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  It can be for me too!

A few simple steps always help me…

First, I like to read something education-related to remind myself “Why In The World Am I Doing This Again?”  This year, I read the lectures compiled in Rudolf Steiner’s “The Renewal of Education.”  You can see some of my notes on these lectures here:

Spend some time observing your child, and writing down where your child is academically, socially, artistically, spiritually, emotionally, and within the family.  Where do they need more balance?

Spend some time thinking about how homeschooling went this year.  If you have children in the grades, how did you do approaching the subjects in an artistic way?  Try this back post for help:  How were things this year with commitments outside the family? What is going on in the family?

Meditate and pray. Sometimes this step takes me the longest.  Listen for the answers that come from your soul: how do I best meet this child?

Then, think about the eight steps outlined here to get a jump start on things:

You can then start to look at a skeleton plan for the year:  what blocks will come when?

Then you can look at a simple daily rhythm that will carry you, and then you can start planning each day of the block in detail.

There are many posts on here regarding planning; if you type in “homeschool planning” into the search engine box on this blog many more posts will come up.

Get a jump on the fall and get prepared for your best school year ever!



2 thoughts on “Planning Time!!

  1. Hey Carrie,
    I am making baby steps with my planning for next year. I had an interesting conversation with Melisa Nielsen yesterday and she said she went to a workshop where they said the “ideal” waldorf curriculum should be divided into 1/3 movement, 1/3 artistic, 1/3 academic. I am really going to try to look at these ratios when doing my planning for next year.
    Sheila Petruccelli

    • Dear Sheila,
      I agree with that and might even more heavily weight the movement and artistic sides of things…I think that is where the real learning takes place often, and then putting the academic pieces learned in the main lesson book really is sort of showing the tip of the iceberg. Interesting!

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