January Plans For The Parenting Passageway


Here is a sneak preview for end of the year/January 2012 plans for The Parenting Passageway!


We will be finishing up our chapter by chapter look at “The Well-Balanced Child” and starting our NEW book, “The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work:  A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert” by John M Gottman, PhD and Nan Silver.  Dr. Gottman has, in 91 percent of the couples he has studied in three separate studies, predicted whether that couple’s marriage would succeed or fail.  This fascinating book was a NY Times best-seller and you can buy used copies so cheaply on Amazon or get it through your local library.  Here is the Amazon link:  http://www.amazon.com/Seven-Principles-Making-Marriage-Work/dp/0609805797/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325018006&sr=8-1


In January, we will also be taking a look at what I see as the foundation of successful homeschooling and parenting:  inner work and personal development, religion and the creation of family culture.  I have eight facets of family culture in mind to look at with you all in a very special series that I hope will get everyone thinking about providing a mindful vision for their own family life.


I will also be continuing the virtual tea regarding the pillars of Waldorf Education with Lisa Boisvert-Mackenzie at Celebrating the Rhythm of Life/ Wonder of Childhood and with other bloggers who would like to join in.  Here is the link to Lisa’s latest tea post:  http://www.celebratetherhythmoflife.com/2011/12/lemniscate-and-senses.html


Many blessings,


5 thoughts on “January Plans For The Parenting Passageway

  1. Yay, I’m super excited about the family culture series!!! Everything sounds inspiring and wonderful, Carrie – what a blessing you are to us readers, thank you for all your work and the time and thought you spend planning and sharing all these resources with us!

  2. Carrie, I am in awe of you. Thank you for sharing your precious time and abundant knowledge with us. I am truly grateful and excited about upcoming posts (as well as the hundreds of posts I need to catch up on!).

    Happy new year.

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