The Hidden Curriculum of Life

I promised I would write a post about “the hidden curriculum” of life that we talked about at the recent course regarding sensory processing and modulation that I attended.  Those of you who have beautiful children struggling with issues along the autistic spectrum know how very literal these children can be, and that sometimes presents problems in social situations.  Idioms can be problematic, and so can things like reading social cues that are not direct.

There were some interesting books and products mentioned at my course for the mentoring of the older child (mainly upper middle school and up aged), and I wanted to pass them along to you. I got a chance to look at some of these products, and I thought they were really interesting for EVERYONE, not just children along the spectrum.  They were the kinds of things that you read and go, huh, does my older child really understand and get that?  How would my child handle that situation?    Am I leaving something out as they prepare to go off into the world and interact with people?    Again, these products could be helpful as a jumping off point for mentoring.

This one, by psychologist Jed Baker, is geared toward younger children with real life photographs:

Here is another book by Dr. Baker, but geared toward older children and high schoolers:

I liked this one when I leafed through it:  The Social Story Book.  Here it is on Amazon:

Here is a guide, also by Dr. Baker, for adolescents preparing to enter into independence:

The Hidden Curriculum:

and, whilst I can’t find a 2012 Hidden Curriculum Calendar (different author than the book above), here is a link to the 2011 Hidden Curriculum One-A-Day Calendar for Older Adolescents and Adults:  There is also a similar calendar for younger children listed on Amazon as well.

The other resource mentioned at this course, perhaps surprisingly, was the magazine “Real Simple” because it provides straight-forward practical real life tips regarding cleaning, and practical things about independent living.  Here is a link:  This could be a good gift for older teenagers.

I hope these products will be helpful to some parents and provide a good jumping off point for discussion and mentoring with older children.

Many blessings,


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Curriculum of Life

  1. I love all of the books you have posted above. I have them all. We have been buying the Hidden curriculum calendars for the past 3 years. The are great conversation starters. I hope that their is 2012 version.

    I also like some of the social stuff from Scott Bellini and most things from Michelle Garcia Winner.

    Rebeka Edge, BCBA, mother of 4

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