A Lovely Holiday Giveaway!

I am so indebted to all of my wonderful readers.  You all really touch my heart, I carry so many of you into my prayers and my life.  I appreciate all of your patience as I answer every email personally and sometimes run a bit behind.  Thank you so much for reading this blog and sharing your lives with me.

For all of you in this wonderful season of quiet anticipation, I have a very special giveaway from Sparkle Stories.  Some of my readers are familiar with Sparkle Stories.  They are gentle  audio adventures written by a wonderful husband and wife team who are a Waldorf teacher and storyteller and a playwright, respectively.

Many families do not provide visual or audio stories to their children, and I applaud that, especially for very small children.   However, some families are transitioning from visual screen time to audio stories only, and some families are searching for gentle stories for their children to enjoy at  very special times.  In this vein, Sparkle Stories could be a welcome fit for this purpose.

Sparkle Stories writes: 

We produce original audio stories for children and families around the world.   Our stories inspire a sense of wonder in the world, nurture the imagination, and delight children of all ages.  We deliver fresh stories each week at www.sparklestories.com.

Sparkle Stories was created as an alternative to traditional media for children.  We recognized how challenging it can be for “media-cautious” parents to find high quality audio experiences for their families.  So,  we wanted to offer online stories that parents could trust to entertain AND nourish their children. We can always be trusted to deliver content that is age-appropriate and simply-produced – as well as entertainment that tickles, delights and inspires the whole family.

You can hear samples of all of the Sparkle story series here on our Stories page: http://www.sparklestories.com/stories/

One of our three original story series, “Martin & Sylvia” , is about a home-schooled brother and sister!  To find out even more, you can read what other parents have to say about Sparkle Stories here:  http://www.sparklestories.com/testimonials/   You can also follow along with Sparkle Stories on The Sparkle blog where we blog about parenting, storytelling, education and inspiration:   http://www.sparklestories.com/blog/  (And Carrie’s note here: there is a lovely little story for Santa Lucia Day up on their blog today!)

Our special giveaway for a lucky reader of The Parenting Passageway includes  a three- month subscription to the Sparkle Stories full four-story subscription.  That makes twelve weeks of Martin & Sylvia, Junkyard Tales, So Many Fairies, and Saturday Sparkle.

(Also, if readers want to try all of Sparkle’s offerings, here’s a coupon code:  $1 for the first month of the Sparkle Stories full four-story subscription!  Enter the magic code  7A57  when signing up).  Subscriptions can also be lovely gifts as well.

Carrie here:  I want to thank Sparkle Stories for this holiday giveaway.  If you would like to learn more about Sparkle Stories, I suggest you peek at the article Sparkle Stories wrote here for Rhythm of the Home:  http://rhythmofthehome.com/2011/08/how-to-pay-attention-intuitive-storytelling-as-a-parenting-tool/
There is also a  free Martin & Sylvia story here:  http://rhythmofthehome.com/2011/08/martin-and-sylvia-the-autumn-goose-pond/

So please head over to Sparkle Stories, find which story series speaks to you, and leave me a comment as to your favorite!  I will draw a winner on Saturday!

Many blessings to you all,


37 thoughts on “A Lovely Holiday Giveaway!

  1. Hey Carrie,

    What a great give away!! The stories are so sweet and so relatable for little people. I totally think Martin and Sylvia would capture the interest of our little girls. We head into downtown just often enough and we have so many trees out our back window.

    Thanks again, Carrie!

  2. My sons love the junkyard tales. We try to tell our stories, but my eldest is reaching the age where a recorded story is a special treat. Thanks for the give away!

  3. Oh I love these and my boys do too. They have enjoyed Martin and Sylvia several times. We really enjoy audio books at our house and I’d love to be able to use these for quiet times. Thanks for a great give away!

  4. A friend of mine was just telling me how much she loves Sparkle Stories! I imagine that my 4 year old would love So Many Fairies, as she herself seems much like a fairy!
    Thank you for opportunity!

  5. I love the So Many Fairies series & my favorite story (so far) is The Wish Crystal! What a lovely gift! Many blessings to you and your family!

  6. We have been listening to Sparkle Stories (mostly Martin and Sylvia) for almost 6 months now, and my daughter loves them! I am hoping to give a gift subscription to my sister.

  7. These look awesome! I think my 5-year-old would like any of the stories, but I think Martin and Sylvia would be a good place for us to start.

  8. Oh how lovely! I introduced my five year old to a sample audio from Sparkle Stories a week ago, and she was mesmerized. She would get such a kick out of So Many Fairies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I wasn’t familiar with these. I listened to a sample of So Many Fairies and think my 5-year-old would enjoy it—she is all about gnomes, fairies, and little people of the woods. Thanks!

  10. Hi! These stories sound lovely. I would like to introduce something like this to my daughter, as we have a long daily commute to and from her daycare (luckily waldorf inspired care). happy holidays!

  11. My oldest loves junkyard dog, I love Martin and Sylvia. I would love to win this give away, my boys loved it as a gift, but it isn’t in our budget for the new year.

  12. This certainly is a lovely holiday giveaway. Thank you. My daughter would love these. Very much enjoy your blog. Blessings to you this Christmas.

  13. I think the idea of stories about other homeschooling children would appeal to my 5 year old (almost 6) because all her friends locally go to school and she sometimes feels like she’s all alone in the world.

  14. we have just now heard of sparkle stories, so we don’t have a favorite! we’d love to win and learn and experience! thanks for the opportunity-

  15. The Martin and Sylvia stories would be so lovely for my girl and boy pair 🙂 We have a couple of long car trips coming up where these would be perfect . . .

  16. I think the fairy stories would be my favorites, and my children would love them too, although the stories of homeschooling children would be lots of fun as well!

  17. My daughter has loved all the Martin and Sylvia stories we’ve tried out so far. I love the gentle stories which just follow day to day happenings. Thanks to you and Sparkle Stories for the chance at such a wonderful give away! Best wishes to you and your family for a wondrous Christmas season Carrie and thankyou for your inspirational blog!

  18. I just happened upon Sparkle Stories.. and cannot wait to get familiar! My daughter has always gone to sleep each night listening to audio books. She has quite the collection!

    This is a wonderful idea and I appreciate the opportunity! Merry Christmas!

  19. Carrie, thank you for all that you do in writing to us on so many days of the week. your blog has become a haven of peace and inspiration to me, a glow of light in the sometimes dark and difficult days.
    i wish you and all your readers, mothers, homeschoolers, dads whoever and wherever you are a joyful and peaceful christmas……..
    may i share with you from my far away land that today as i finished grades, 1 2 3 and 4 in our small homeschooling initiative i felt very blessed to have the honour to be able to make such a difference in the lives of the children that i teach. as i watched them walk our beautiful advent spiral last night i was reminded of our striving each day to find the light and to bring it to all those around us, especially the children, even when the light seems far away.
    love and joy at this christmas time to you

  20. Carrie, thank you for sharing this resource. How nice it is to have these kinds of quality, trustworthy resources in our media-frenzied world! While we avoid most media with our children (8 and 4 yo), when you homeschool and support resources are limited, sometimes a *quality* audio babysitter can help give mom and dad a little respite, restore peace in your home, and feel like a special treat to the children. We all love Junkyard Tales!

  21. so many lovely stories, would love to hear but so many fairies sounds like a lovely slice of heaven for quiet time.
    best wishes to you xx

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