Planning for Advent…

Today my oldest child noted, “I don’t know why, but I feel like its Christmas!”  Well, it is the beginning of Advent for some Christians, and I am thinking about Advent myself.  The Orthodox Christian churches start their Nativity Fast today (forty days before The Feast of the Nativity or Christmas), and in the West, the Church of France actually also held the same tradition.  I think children hold these innate truths more clearly than we as adults do; they just KNOW.

I am starting my own inner Advent work today and am starting to make plans for slowly focusing on the things that are important to me as I slow down, pray, be quiet and still and just reflect and think.

There can be so much “busyness” around the holiday season, that I think it is easy to get very caught up and frantic rather than quietly anticipation and demonstrating our own peacefulness with a holding of truly what this season means unless we make plans for these small pockets of stillness.

I have some plans for handcrafting….I am making two wool pictures of Saint Francis for both of my girls’ rooms, and will be making a few small sewn items for a stocking stuffer swap taking place over on  I also have plans for baking and for making a beeswax salve for gifts.

But most of all, I have plans for gathering up extended family and just having a joyous time together.  I have plans for doing things at church.  I have plans for doing something small each day to help my children draw still and quiet and reflect in a reverent way on this time.

I would love to hear your plans for holiday crafting, baking or Advent ideas.    If you are celebrating Hanukah or another holiday, I would love to hear from you as well.

Many blessings,

4 thoughts on “Planning for Advent…

  1. “I have plans for doing something small each day to help my children draw still and quiet and reflect in a reverent way on this time.”

    I would love to hear more about the ways you find to do this, what it looks like in your home.

  2. This is our first Advent with a plan. I have bought a calendar showing the Holy Family and inside have small scripture rather than gifts to read daily. We will also be taking the kids piggy banks and give some of that money to a charity. I’d also like to take them to an orphanage and let them experience this. Also a lot more of praying in circle time.

  3. i really love how you express the wish to do something still and reverent with your children during this time….what a beautiful and deeply inspiring intention. I love the idea of it, and will be searching for ways to do this also (with a three year old!?).

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