Sometimes there just really are no words. I look around and see such good people, such wonderful people, struggling.  Maybe they are ill.  Maybe they have financial challenges that are crippling their family. Maybe they are going through a divorce.  Maybe their spouse is in the military and is deployed, or they are all trying to deal with the adjustment that happens when he or she returns home a different person than when they left.

All of us have struggles, from the small baby who struggles to get into crawling and sitting and upright, to the inner struggles of the teenager learning to be the king of his own kingdom to adults who may struggle with depression or addiction.

And yet, we can see the glimmers of beauty.  The smile of a child.  The simple meal on a simple table. Having a new to you coat to wear for the winter.  A beautiful star in a winter sky.

My middle child is a master of this.  She notices the most tiny detail of beauty and never fails to remark upon it.  Look, mama, how beautiful!  And to myself, I think, slow down because my Creator is saying, look, I put this here for you to see, to notice, to have it all sink into your skin, into your bones.

A good lesson for me… the midst of all of this challenge and struggle, I pray.  I look for beauty. And I wait to be awed by the good things, the things that pop up when I least expect it, the miracles that do happen.

When things happen to me, I often take a breath and gently say, “May it be blessed.”   May it be blessed anyway!   It is not my plan, it is hard to watch,  I feel so sad people I know are going through things, what can I do to help them, what will happen?

And yet, may it be blessed.  May there be a glimmer of goodness, of grace, of love, somewhere in all of this.

Be blessed today and every day,


19 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Yes, Carrie, a resounding “Yes!” One of my dear friends had a double mastectomy on Thursday – she is our age, with a 9 year old boy. We met a mother’s group when our boys were infants. You are right, there are no words. And yet, I find myself always going back to words: reading poetry, saying a thankful blessing before a bountiful table, trying to say extra kind words to my family and my friends.I take comfort where I can. I wish the same for you, my friend.
    Sheila Petruccelli

  2. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on struggle as it impacts my life and the lives of so many others. I think that happiness isn’t steered toward like a destination but noticed, as you say, by slowing down and noticing. And there’s enormous power in blessing, something that’s become more apparent to me after reading a remarkable book The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World by Pierre Pradervand.

    But there’s an element easily missed as we look for what’s positive. You said it in the passage, “I put this here for you to see, to notice, to have it all sink into your skin, into your bones.” Except I mean that our struggles themselves have purposeful beauty. It doesn’t seem like it at the time, of course. But seeing our lives as a whole, not accepting the good and rejecting the bad, embraces all we’re given. Here’s why I’m grateful for doubt, crises, and mistakes:

  3. Beautiful post, Carrie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a positive way. We can all feel helpless when we see others struggling and it is hard to know what to do to help. Your action of offering blessings at this time is very much in tune with my own practice of sending distant healing out to seemingly impossible situations. We cannot know what to do for the best, but sending out light and love for the highest good of all means we are no longer helpless, but become helpful. Blessed be.

  4. I am one of those struggling people right now. We just found out that our fourth baby has spina bifida and her future is very uncertain. Right now I feel devastated but I hope that one day soon I will be able to see beauty again.

    • Emily,
      I will be praying for your sweet baby. This has to be so stressful and uncertain right now, and you must be wondering how this will impact her and also the whole family…Much love to you in this time. Perhaps in the future you could drop me a little note telling me how you are doing? My email is on the About page.

      Many blessings, hugs,

    • Thank you Carrie. I found that I have been thinking a bit about waldorf and the special needs child. The great thing about waldorf is that it applies to everyone and benefits everyone. I have been thinking mostly of bringing the warmth of home to a child that spends alot of time in the hospital , and also about a young childs need to be active, and how that works for a child with limited mobility. I am probably gettng way too far ahead of myself! But if you ever feel inspired to share your thoughts on these things it would be appreciated.

    • Emily,
      Yes, did you see the last post about resources for children experiencing challenges? All of those resources mentioned are related to Waldorf Education. Camphill Communities also come to mind for those with more severe challenges who need a group setting with house parents. I think the benefits of Waldorf Education are for all as well.

      Many blessings,

  5. How timely! Thank you once again Carrie! Tonight I had to get out of bed to let the dog out, and was feeling a little grumpy cause I just had surgery on my ankle and it’s no small ordeal to take him out these days. Then I got out there and WOW! What a beautiful night, the stars were as big as diamonds, I just got lost staring at all of them! I once again remembered to thank God for that moment, and every moment, and to remember to slooooooowwww down!

    • Aw, Jen, I hope your ankle heals up quickly!
      Many blessings, loved your keen observation about the beauty that is right there!


  6. Thank you for this Carrie. My family is struggling right now and as we try to keep it together I’m finding that meditating on what I am grateful for each day as I nurse my toddler to sleep for her nap is having a profound positive effect on my life. Blessings on you, and thank you for the space you hold on this blog!

  7. Very touching post. I have been thinking and feeling all of what you wrote recently. It has been a tragic week for our extended family. It makes me want to pull in and protect our little family. It makes me realize how delicate and fleeting life is and that it is worth protecting at all costs.

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