Links To Love

November is the time of year when I think we could all use a little love, a little light, a little fun…I mean, after all, the days are getting darker, homeschooling has gone on for several months now, and the holidays are coming…

So here are a few links to resonate with your spirit and inspire you:

I really enjoyed Annette’s post here:  The closest place I can think of right now that is close to what Annette is talking about is because it is not associated with any curriculum provider.  I don’t get over there as often as I would like, but when I am there, folks are friendly and helpful and kind to others and there are reviews of all kinds of Waldorf related books and curriculum, along with good old-fashioned parenting and homeschooling advice.

I love this link about “Imperfection” over at Simple Mom:  The blogosphere is so odd; folks assume you must be perfect if you have a blog that talks about homeschooling or parenting and yet here we all are: human with our flaws, our quirks, our fallacies.  I have many!   Many!

I thought this post was really inspiring:

I am sure many of you have seen this article in the NY Times about Waldorf Education:

And what could be more inspiring than muffins?  I come back to this recipe again and again:

Oh, and I nearly forgot this really important post about the benefits of taking your children to church:

Anyway, please do link to anything you have found recently that resonated with you or inspired you. I would love to read it!

Many blessings,


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