A Lovely Giveaway From Bella Luna Toys!

THE GIVEAWAY is now closed…will be announcing a winner in a few hours!  Thank you all for your enthusiasm, kind comments and well wishes!  Love, and many blessings to you all!  _ Carrie 12:24 EST Friday October 21, 2011


Welcome to Monday with a lovely giveaway from Bella Luna Toys in honor of The Parenting Passageway’s third anniversary!  Please head on over to www.bellalunatoys.com and feast your eyes upon the magical toys, high quality art supplies and other goodies there.  Once you have in mind what you would like to spend a $25 gift certificate on,  please share that with me in this space in the comment section.   The drawing will be on Friday, so plenty of time to enter!

Thank you again to Bella Luna Toys and wonderful owner Sarah Baldwin. I look forward to hearing from you all.  A jump start on holiday shopping, anyone?

Many blessings,


PS.  Just a fast note to my many international readers:  this giveaway is open to you as well as Bella Luna Toys is willing to ship internationally, but the shipping costs are to be paid by the winner….

120 thoughts on “A Lovely Giveaway From Bella Luna Toys!

  1. Oh My! What to choose. My toddler loves making (and drinking tea). He would be so happy with this tea set. I love to watch him play imaginatively with his friend’s tea set.

  2. I’m hoping to save up for one of those lovely rocker boards. Thanks for the giveaway, and congratulations Carrie on 3 years of blogging! This is one of my few daily check-ins and I so appreciate all that I have learned from you.

  3. I think I would use a $25 gift certificate on the Ostheimer wooden lion and mouse for my daughter. We just finished a block on Aesop’s fables and I know she would just love them!

  4. I would use the gift certificate to go towards the Choroi Pentatonic flute. I’ll have a first grader next fall, and this would be useful now so I could get comfortable with the flute by next year. Thanks Carrie and Sarah!

  5. The dress up section is amazing — so hard to choose! I think my kids would really love the silk crowns right now, but I can see my son loving the knight gear and my daughter the fairy crowns in a year or two.

  6. Wow what a great web site, I have saved it to go back to! I really like the “Little Angel’s Journey – Waldorf Birthday Story Book”. So many great choices!

    • I bought this book for my daughter’s recent birthday. So sweet. It was hard to hold back the tears.

  7. Thank you for the great giveaway! If I was gifted a $25 gift certificate to Bella Luna Toys, I would spend it on Stockmar modeling beeswax because we are really enjoying using beeswax in our lessons and just for fun or eco-dough because our three year old loves to join in on the modeling and the dough would be much easier for him to use rather than having to wait for Mama or Big Brother to warm and sculpt it for him. 🙂

  8. Oh my children would love a few new playsilks, I can never justify spending that much on a little silk but with a gift certificate I could splurge!

  9. How timely! I just said to my hubby the other day that I can’t wait to try using block crayons. We would definitely be buying those if I won! Love this blog & Bella Luna!

  10. Oh my, I don’t even need to visit Sarah’s amazing shop (we love her so in our home!). I would use the $25 gift towards a much desired magical lyre to soothe all my little ones into quiet time and slumberland!;)

  11. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! If I had a $25 gift certificate to use at Bella Luna Toys, I would but Stockmar modeling beeswax or eco-dough. We are really enjoying modeling in our lessons and for fun. Our three year old loves to join in the modeling and the dough would be much easier for him to mold and he wouldn’t have to wait for Mama or Big Brother to warm and sculpt the beeswax. 🙂 Happy third anniversary!

  12. Easy choice, the book Crafts Through the Year by Thomas and Petra Berger! After browsing all those beautiful creations at Bella Luna Toys, I am feeling inspired, and I can already feel the excitement of having Crafts Through the Year on my bookshelf and making some of those gorgeous handcrafts compiled by Thomas and Petra together with my daughter!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Oh my! WAY too many things that I love! My absolute, number one thing that I have been wanting for my family homeschooling is the Song of the Sea, Pentatonic Harp, Kinder Lyre.
    The VERY close runner up would be the Pentatonic Chorai Flute. I also think that the wooden paint jar holder is just beautiful. The bologna baskets are perfect for handwork baskets, and I would love to get the “Come Follow Me” CD to add some new songs to our day. There is so much more! Thank you Sarah for such a beautiful website with such a wonderful selection of gorgeous quality items selected with love and care! And thank you to Carrie for all the love and time put into your blog!

  14. Sarah’s site is beautiful!
    oh I was looking at the rocker boards, but after hearing t here is a lyre – oh how I wish! DS1 would want to PLAY it at bed time though! ; ) I was thinking 2 rocker boards, but I think we’d be lucky to get one. somuch fun and so versatile – the possibilities! I love open-ended play.

  15. So hard to decide! Bella Luna has so many wonderful items. But I think I would use a $25 gift certificate on this adorable doctor’s kit.


    My younger daughter seems to find great comfort in playing doctor. In fact, since she was an infant, using a stethoscope on her has always lulled her to sleep or complete relaxation. We suspect there is a reason for this. 🙂 She always finds other play items to pretend to give medicine and IVs, but she would LOVE this. And what a great Christmas gift.

  16. My sweet little baby will be walking soon, so I would love to get her the Haba duck wooden pull toy. thanks so much for all the work you put into your wonderful blog!

  17. Oh, what a wonderful shop. 🙂 I would love to get some playsilks for my kids. Thanks for the giveaway, Carrie, and congrats on three years of blogging! I really enjoy reading your blog.

  18. Love Bella Luna! I would love to put a gift certificate toward a Waldorf Cuddle Doll for my own little cuddle doll 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, Carrie!

  19. Great giveaway – where does one even begin? I could seriously buy everything she sells, if I just had the money! But, after oohing and ahhhing over everything, I would go for one of the cooperative games. The two favourites are Wildcraft and Walk in The Woods. Either one would be a real treat for my girl to play. It was her fifth birthday on Friday so I’m keeping everything crossed for her. And congratulations on your third anniversary.

  20. Happy anniversary!

    If I won, I’d get my daughter a Bolga basket. We do so much fruit picking, and I think it would be perfect for her to take along with us. Thanks for the chance!

  21. Great giveaway! I’d chose the beeswax candle making kit for my daughters. That just barely edged out the bolga basket. So many wonderful treasures.

  22. I don’t know whether this is open to Aussies, but if it is, I’d love to get the Haba orchard cooperative game. I really like the idea of people playing together rather than against each other. Thanks to Bella Luna for the give away and thanks also to Carrie for helping me to improve my parenting with your wonderfully down to earth blog!

  23. I have purchased from Bella Luna Toys in the past and have been pleased. I would like to buy a set of the large Haba blocks for my daughter who just loves to build!

  24. congrats! ❤ I would love to get some kite paper and make window stars to brighten up our home as the days get shorter and shorter and to give away as gifts for the Holidays.

  25. congrats on the anniversary! I’m a sucker for Ostheimer — so I’d probably go for a couple of those — the owl & hedgehog are adorable.

  26. we’ve been really enjoying watercolor painting around here lately. i would love to get the nice paintbrush and paint pots. thanks so much for the giveaway! and thanks so much, carrie, for your fantastic blog.

  27. My daughter just got to play with silk play cloths as opposed to dyed Muslins I made her and loved the experience, so if I could I would pick her a rainbow or crkestial sky play silk, which she loved best.

  28. Congratulations, Carrie, on your 3rd year of blogging! Thank goodness for your life-saving and mind-saving blog! 😀
    I’d love to have some family fun with those hard-to-find cooperative games for my 4 yr-old boy. The Mini Orchard Game and the Carrot Pinching Game by Haba are great! I’d like for him to learn a little about teamwork and I haven’t seen any of those games here, in Malaysia.
    Oops, does this giveaway apply to your international readers too?

  29. Carrie I love your blog and look forward to your posts appearing in my inbox! I also love Bella Luna Toys so what a great giveaway! I’d have to buy a small box of modeling beeswax for my blooming artist toddler and a mini play silk for my sweet baby boy. Thanks!!

  30. OOOHHH what to get….beeswax for crafting projects – We have yet to use it and it seems like a lot of fun….Thank you for the opportunity and I love the blog!!!!

  31. I would get the Ostheimer Nativity Crib with Infant Jesus to start our Nativity Scene.
    Santa will leave a new piece on our Nature Table every year.
    Thanks and Congratulations on three years!

  32. Happy Anniversary, I so appreciate your blog! If I received the gift certificate I would use it on one of the Haba cooperative games or a weighted doll for my youngest. Peace.

  33. Oh, one or two of the Ostheimer farm animals for sure! I think my girls would love incorporating those into their play.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. Happy Anniversary and thank you for your wonderful blog. You have provided me with so much support on this parenting journey. I look forward to your blog every day!! I would love to use a $25 gift certificate to purchase some modeling beeswax for my 4.5 yo. She is starting to really enjoy modeling and I think is would be a lovely activity for us to start. Thank you for such this generous drawing and here’s to another great year!

  35. I was just browsing over there a few weeks ago. I love Bella Luna Toys!! We could really use some new crayons, so I would choose a new set of beeswax crayons.

  36. Wow, such a beautiful store! I would have to say the wool roving and felting needles would be my top choice, as I just took a class in wet and needle felting to learn how to make puppets and figures for circle time!

  37. Oh, how to choose between all the lovely things? I try to get my children an Ostheimer Figure for every birthday and Christmas- I would use the gift certificate for that.

    Congratulations on three years! And thank you for hosting such a great giveaway. 🙂

  38. our playsilks have seen lots of love and are about at the end of their days! it would be wonderful to replace them 🙂

    thank you, Carrie!

    Parenting Passageway has enriched our family life so much.

  39. Hi,
    I would buy a ‘Kinderkram Wooden Duck Push Toy’ $24.95 for my 15 month old who loves to push things around at the end of a long stick. He also really likes ducks and I think he’d love the flapping sound it makes. What a great site and nice toys.

  40. So hard to choose, but we would probably splurge on a couple of the lovely wooden animals. Our boys here are starting to get very interested in stories told as puppet shows, and I’m being treated to several each day!

  41. It would be so hard to choose one thing. My son would love the sword and shield but my daughter would be so happy with a knitting kit. What a lovely giveaway! And congratulations on the 3 year anniversary, I love this blog!

  42. My son is turning 3 and I would absolutely love to give him a rocker board for his birthday. I can already see the dozens of ways he would use it in our home this winter. The gift certificate would help me justify such a lovely, yet expensive, item!

  43. Love this blog and love Bella Luna Toys. Hmmm….. I would need to decide between the noble and sweet Ostheimer giraffe or the covered lunch basket. Warm regards!

  44. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! Love Bella Luna Toys and have purchased from Sarah in the past. My daughter has been wanting to learn to knit and I would get some knitting supplies like the knitting mushroom.

  45. What a wonderful gift this will be for someone! I have wanted to get the flower fairy dolls for my daughter for awhile now 🙂

  46. Wow, what a great giveaway! I would get some art supplies for my little one: Crayon rocks (16 colors!), the pack of 8 beeswax crayon blocks, and a pad of the eco paper. He would love to use them, and I would, too!

  47. Bella Luna Toys is such an amazing, gorgeous shop. I suppose I would choose a little dust pan set and a small broom, for my 3 year old who loves to help me with the housework. 🙂

  48. I would pick up the leather toy harness which has been put on my daughters kindergarten class wish list to use in their newly completed playyard.

  49. So many beautiful choices. I think I would use it to get knitting supplies, Waldorf books and perhaps another scarf for my little ones.

  50. Ooooh, I have a litte guy who keeps telling me he’s going to be a pirate for Hallowe’en, so I would choose the pirate hat and eye patch…my matey…

  51. My daughter is in love with the treehouse as it is at her anthroposophic doctor’s office. Bella Luna carries the same one and I would love to get that for her for her birthday. Thank you Carrie and Sarah for an amazing giveaway!

  52. Congratulations Carrie! Your blog is my “mothering mentor” every day and often it feels as if you have read my mind and know just what I needed to hear to “keep calm and carry on” and enjoy mothering!

    So, if I had $25 to spend, I’d get a shovel (or two! :)) for my girls. They so want to be digging the garden along side their mommy and daddy!

  53. My girls would just love to have 2 ostheimer trees to add to their beautiful play scenes… I can already see our little toadstool people sheltering beneath them waiting for the breeze to blow down some delicious apples!

  54. So many lovely magical things to choose from! I would put it towards the Block Coloring book. I would love to learn more about the technique so that I can share with my daughter.
    Thank you for offering this!

  55. I must be fixating on dollhouses, because those european-cottage style ones are lovely. I would love to put a gift certificate toward one of those–maybe I would let the kids play with it too! 🙂

  56. So many wonderful choices but I think the beeswax candlemaking kit would be so fun right now for my 5 year old daughter and I. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Carrie congratulations on 3 years of successful blogging… Your blog is such a gift to so many mothers … life saving blog 🙂
    If i got $25 …oh GOD i love so many things from Sarahs lovely shop… I would go for Jamtown Junior Rhythm Pack
    or Wooden play food or a co-operative game for my 3.5 yr old 🙂

  58. Wow, what a beautiful shop! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Difficult choice…the balance board looks like so much fun as do the block stilts. Ultimately, I think the cooperative game, Wildcraft would win out because we love learning about plants in our home.

  59. What a difficult decision…But I think the rainbow nesting bowls I have been desiring since my eldest was a wee babe (she is 4! now LOL). 🙂

  60. Happy Anniversary!!! I have been reading for a quite a bit of that time and am very thankful for your posts, as a fellow Waldorf inspired homeschooler of faith. I even have a link to your blog from mine, though I doubt anyone other than my mom and my friend, Amy actually read mine! From BellaLuna, our family would so appreciate the Drop Spindle Kit should it be in stock or the Beeswax Candle Making Kit for upcoming Advent celebrations. Thanks for being fabulous!

  61. Love Bella Luna toys and her helpful blog posts! Have ordered from her before! I choke up every time i read the angel story birthday book. Love their simple humble wood firetruck made in Maine and their balance rocker board for my active boy. I’ll have to convince my husband to splurge on the rocker though. Great giveaway idea!

  62. My 5 children would love anything from here. But definitely the ostheimer forest animals. Thanks for this giveaway but even more thank you for all that you offer here. I come back time and time again for advice. Blessings to you and your family.

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