Great Things Coming On Monday!

Lovely things are happening on Monday:

Please do check out the week of celebration of the extraordinary “Ordinary Arts” that forms the tapestry of living and playing with small children along with Kyrie of Are So Happy starting on Monday.  See the full details here: , and look for some special posts here on The Parenting Passageway about some of these topics as well.

Also, don’t miss the guest post over at Catherine’s blog on Monday, where Donna Simmons of Christopherus Homeschool Resources will be discussing relaxed homeschooling and fielding your questions. Here is the link to find out more:

Finally, The Parenting Passageway is celebrating three years of blogging!  And for that special occasion, there is going to be a special give-away from Bella Luna Toys!  Thank you to Sarah Baldwin!  Here is the link to Bella Luna Toys:

What an exciting week coming up!

Many blessings,

6 thoughts on “Great Things Coming On Monday!

  1. Super excited about all of this! So glad you are participating in Kyrie’s ‘Ordinary Arts’ endeavor. What a great idea! As for your previous post, I had a bit of a giggle about ‘The Well-Trained Mind’ reference. I bought that book when I first started homeschooling (9 years ago). It suited me well as a resource and I think the first 4 chapters are great as far as philosophy goes, but each year I find myself drifting more and more away from that book. I’m going further and further into this whole Waldorf gig. . .I sometimes wish I had gotten a hold of Waldorf materials 9 years ago!! Should I start my 14 year old over in Kindergarten?!?!?!? Ha! Ha! Ha! Looking forward to next week. . .

    • H West — Love this! Waldorf land is so wonderful, nah, don’t go back, just go forward!
      I know there is not a lot out there for the 14 year old in Waldorf land, but I think Melisa Nielsen is now delving into high school with her children and there are some wonderful mothers on her list who have done high school Waldorf style!

      Hugs, and many blessings! Thanks for the giggle!

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