Thriving In The Midst of It All

Life can be downright busy, no matter how simple we want it to be. No matter how simple we try to make it, the more people one has in a household, the more pets one has, the more community and obligations one has, the busier it can become.

And you can still love every minute of it and thrive in it.

My life, as many of you who personally know me, can get rather busy.  Sometimes it is my life that needs to be de-cluttered, not my things!  I fully admit to having a hard time saying no to things at church, or to friends who need something, or to my neighbors.  But the older I get, the more I realize how much I love community, how much I enjoy gathering those I love together and connecting those who I think really ought to meet each other for this reason or that.  And, the older I get, I get better at setting limits and seeing how things balance out.

It all can’t be perfect.  One cannot homeschool well, have the house be spotless, cook every single thing perfectly, have all the errands done, have a social life, have the children do things, and all the other things on the list. It just can’t happen, and I think we could all end up having nervous breakdowns trying to do it all…

So, I try to remind myself about seasons, in both the literal and more symbolic sense.  In a very literal way, I tend to have a busier autumn, a calmer winter, and a bit of a step up in activity from winter to spring.  I try to keep summer pretty calm in keeping with the sultry heat!  This year my oldest daughter will have rhythmic gymnastics through the Winter, and we won’t be stopping, so it may not be as calm as in previous years…I shall see what that will bring!

And some seasons do last for years.  The season of small children lasts for years, but really is a short time.  We always joke (and are half serious as well) in Waldorf Education that the “pink bubble” of kindergarten only lasts for those early years and then off we go!  The seasons of not sleeping through the night, nursing, and all those things only last a bit.

The way we connect to our family, the way we guide our children – well, those things last throughout a lifetime and leave a legacy.

Every family has choices – choices about activities, about how they speak to one another, how they show care and nurturing for each other – no matter how busy things are.  We can take the larger picture of life and see that seasons really can balance each other out, whether it is busy and calm seasons of the year or the small dependent child and the older more independent adolescent.

Every child brings surprises in personality, temperament, gifts.

There are moves.

There are changes in career.

We grow and change ourselves.  Thank goodness for that!

Keeping that big picture in mind as we dance to find the mid-point,


15 thoughts on “Thriving In The Midst of It All

  1. This was a great post Carrie! I echo what you have written, there will always be things like moves, lol and I have the opportunity to thrive or run off in frustration. A good plan is the key – then we learn to be peaceful and flexible. Life is wonderful 🙂

    Blessings to you!

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  3. Yes, fantastic, Carrie! I’m so thankful that my littles are in the early years of learning and that with our recent move, we can just keep it simple and regain our rhythm together bit by bit. I’m looking forward to the change of seasons to bring about more inward time from all our outward summer living! blessings…

  4. beautiful encouraging post….that soothed my heart palpitations whenever this horridly busy season of life feels more like a roller coaster ride. Being a perfectionist and idealist is hard…particularly when your expectations are more than your physical abilities. learning to fail and start again has been a season all and in itself for me. too much video during the heat and rain of our indian summers, too often raising my voice, forgetting the rhythms that my daughter loves most and upsetting her emotional equilibrium as a result….not enough canning, green living, simple days, too much running and doing….thank you for the “centering” admonishment again and again. Hugs for this one especially….it has healed my hurried worried heart tonight! ❤

  5. Thank you for this post carrie, and thank you melissa for linking it on facebook! I have been struggling against the tide on this very issue with baby number 4 arriving sooner than expected and ending up in ICU with sepsis, trying to express enough milk to keep the milk supply going while he was on the ventillator. Now that he is home I have been battling to keep the house perfect, homeschooling grade 3 and grade 1 and my 3 year old bundle of energy! Its refreshing to think of it as a season that needs to be embraced, but that it will get easier! Knowing you ladies have been there and survived is a lifeline I hold onto! Love always, Sam

    • Sam –
      I am so glad you are here. If you read some of my back posts, you will see I have a very special heart for premature infants and their families as my husband and I were both preemies, and I worked in a NICU for twelve years as a developmental/feeding therapist.
      Love to you, hope things are settling down…
      Many blessings,

  6. Such an important perspective. It also helps to remember that we model this for our children, the smallest of whom have no concept that “this shall pass” and who experience a fever-drenched night or a lonely afternoon as something that will continue. It’s our more mature orientation that helps them understand (though a bedtime review of the day, through gentle conversation, through preparing for upcoming events, and so on) that time unfolds and theirs will too.

  7. Fantastic! I loved “Every family has choices – choices about activities, about how they speak to one another, how they show care and nurturing for each other – no matter how busy things are.”. Very apt. Just what I forget when in anger, and then regret for having hurt my little son’s heart and soul. Cariie, what a beautiful person you are!

  8. thank you sweetie, as always, you are a balm to my troubled heart at times 🙂 I always seem to come and read when I need to, and I always find deep resonating words within me 🙂

  9. yes the big picture! i was so glad to read this at this time.. it was s fitting for what I have been going through trying to keep up with it all. then I always remember to make it simple and dont hold myself so tight to perfection. so this was a great reminder and wise words from a woman that had ripened in these awarenesses.. thanks for sharing! peace and light to all on their journey!!!

  10. thank you for this! very apt as we have chosen to keep our five year old home (along with 2 year old), are waiting for our new baby to arrive any day, and i am struggling with feelings of “but i should be doing SCHOOL with him” even as a homeschooler myself it is hard to escape the “go go go” feeling as our oldest reaches age 5. this can be a season of quiet and rest and new baby and that IS ok. thank you!

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