Need Homeschool Planning Ideas? A New Forum

There is a relatively new forum called “Homespun Waldorf”, put together and run by a group of experienced homeschooling mothers.  I don’t get to personally participate a lot due to time restraints, but I have noticed many threads zooming around on there about combining grades and how to do it from veteran homeschooling mothers.  It may be helpful to some of you who are thinking that you need to teach separate main lesson blocks for everyone in your family; that truly is not the case.  The number of children in your family is akin to the social environment created in a school classroom; you really can get to know your family and what will work best for them all as a group and as individuals.  Homeschooling rarely looks like it does in a school setting.  We are at home.  Our homeschooling experience is first and foremost about family, about the things that unify us as a family in love, the activities we do as a family… and the learning in love as well, of course. 


At any rate, without further ado, here is the link so you can join yourself:


Kudos to Sarah for starting this and to all the volunteers who keep it running!


Hope that helps some of you who are planning,



5 thoughts on “Need Homeschool Planning Ideas? A New Forum

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Carrie. I had no idea this group had started and I have missed the Waldorf at Home forum very much as I planned our coming school year. I’ve registered, offered to volunteer, and made a donation ~ I sure hope it takes off!

  2. Once again, thank you. Just today I wrote in my planning book about feeling the need to have our lessons (for kids ages 10 and eight) focused on the same general material, but with different “work.” This went very well with our map making last year, and I have been dreading the idea of trying to juggle two different blocks as well as 2 different temperaments, genders, ages, etc, again…. I am always happy to find support around this reminder to start with the family!

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