This Blog Is On Vacation…


Or will be as soon as this is published.  Smile  I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week of summer, and I will see you back soon!

In the meantime, if you would like to drop me a comment as to things you would like to see addressed in future posts, please feel free to do so.

Many blessings,


6 thoughts on “This Blog Is On Vacation…

  1. Hi Carrie,

    I hope you have a nice break with your family, and thank you for your fabulous blog which I have learnt such a lot from. Thank you for helping me to be a better parent.

    I would like to make a suggestion for your “book club” in the coming year. It is “Parenting for a Peaceful World” by Robin Grille, one of the most important books ever written. For a taste of what it is about, here is a video:

    I know your blog would be a great way to get this important message across to more people.


  2. Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for the babysteps posts on creating home serenity that you’ve been posting lately. I hope there are more of those to come! In some of the posts recently I remember you talking about not awakening the inner child or thinking child too early – it was in your homeschooling group post I think. I’ve since been wondering, where do you draw the line as to too much information while still keeping their curiosity aroused and interested? I’d love to see a post on this please! Thankyou for taking so much time and effort to help other parents out with your blog. I really appreciate it and so do my kids when things become more relaxed around our household.

  3. Hope your vacation time is full love, peace, and special moments for you and yours. I am really having a hard time with getting people to understand WHY we homeschool (especially waldorf-inspired) and I cannot seem to find other families for support. We live in a small Southern town so this kind of homeschooling odd for folks. Sometimes it feels like we are swimming against the stream and although we have found many rewards in doing so. . . at times when addressing friends it seems easier to give in. What do you do when you just cannot find like minded families out there?

  4. Hi! I hope you’re having a great vacation! I really enjoy the inspiration from your blog and would love to hear more about handling different parenting styles among friends. I am beginning to see this issue pop up more in my life and would like to know how to handle it peaceably when we are spending time with other children who might be parented differently than my own.

  5. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! I would love to read more on the older child. I have found your developmental posts so helpful for understanding my younger children and hope to have more insight as my 10-yo grows.

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