The Last Chapter In “Love And Anger: The Parental Dilemma”

“The Loving Breakthrough” is the last chapter in this book.  I love this opening quote:  “Parenting is serious business, but often we take it too seriously.  We can get so wrapped up in the weight of our responsibilities that we leave no room for the fun, the playfulness, the joy of being with our children.  We may lose the ability to delight in their qualities of wonder, spontaneity, and silliness.”

Finding The Good – this section talks about how parents are the ones who must set limits, the ones who have to say no, to cut short parties, to set curfew, and then we are sad when we are not appreciated.  Our children go through phases where there is tension as a child pushes against the limits we set and we fail to see the wonderful things in our children, all the things they really are doing right.  The authors suggest we make a list of the qualities we appreciate in our children, that we look for the things our children do really well, and make a continued, renewed effort to see all that is good.

Give Yourself A Break – this section talks about also finding the things we do well as parents, that many times the only thing parents think about is where they fail and where they don’t measure up.  Finding our own strengths, our own positive qualities is important, just as important as when we do that for our children.

Lightening Up – Using laughter, humor and kindness in the moment when your child least expects it can be such a powerful tool for connection and discipline.  Being able to slow down and appreciate the unhurried pace of a child also helps immensely.  Do you have time for fun with your children?  They are only small once.

Time For Love –   Do you have the time to love your child?  Delight in your child is important, and it is even more important in those moments when things are starting to heat up.  Pull back, look at your small child, and find the love and delight there.

Many blessings, thank you for taking a trip through this book with me!  Stay tuned for the announcement of our next book and a very special series of posts to come.


2 thoughts on “The Last Chapter In “Love And Anger: The Parental Dilemma”

  1. I think that message to enjoy our children is so important. And to find those times just to love them to bits. Thanks Carrie
    PS I really like the new design of the blog.

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