My Waldorf Homeschool Planning

So, are you into planning for next year yet?  I wrote a simple post about getting ready for Waldorf homeschooling with eight steps here:

I think the next thing to do after that, if you have children in the grades, is to outline what blocks you will be doing during the school year.  You can see where I did that, at least a tentative plan, here:

I think the next step is to look at what a typical week might look like.  This is a difficult thing for me right now since sign-up for fall activities are not even taking place yet, but I am gathering ideas in my head as to what I would like the week to look like, what day I might grocery shop, what day I want to run errands on, how many days a week I think we can be out of the home and how many days we really need to be home to get things done.

In my area, there are so many activities for homeschoolers that it can actually be very hard to say “no” to things, so I have to cultivate my own will in doing just that!

Then I have been looking at a flow for the day.  I am thinking something along the lines of this right now, completely subject to change:

  • Up, chores, music practice
  • Bible study/prayer
  • Opening verses/seasonal songs/toddler verses and songs or story
  • Main Lesson for First Grader/variety of work for Fourth Grader
  • Snack/Movement from Christopherus “Joyful Movement” or Movement for Childhood website
  • Main Lesson for Fourth Grader with reading aloud last 10 minutes or so of Main Lesson time/ variety of projects or play for First Grader
  • Break for practical work, gardening, play
  • Prepare and eat lunch with noonday prayer, quiet time
  • Read aloud to First Grader
  • Half hour of subject of choosing
  • Handwork, cooking, or gardening
  • Tea, closing verses, special Bible or Feast Day activities

This may look long on paper, but one must remember a main lesson for a first grader need not take longer than an hour and most things will take a half hour or so.

Now I am up to daily planning where I start laying out each day in detail.  What will the seasonal song be?  What do we need to do in this block?  What will the handwork project be?  What will we be doing in the garden?

What I have done in past years is to create my own curriculum and then take the pages and have them bound at an office supply shop in order to have my own personalized syllabus.  This year  I planned everything on my computer, but I didn’t love that.   I certainly did not want to pull my laptop out during school and sometimes I just didn’t get the pages I needed printed out or my printer malfunctioned for some reason. 

So, for this year, I am using a paper planner and am very happy.  I am using the green planner from Carson Dellosa made for classrooms.  Here is a link so you can see it:  I took some of the “classroom teacher” kinds of pages and changed them to reflect, for example, Feast Days for each month or what I would do with my toddler each month.

It is obviously not a homeschool planner, and there are those on the market and many other planners for teachers too! This one I just happened to pick up when I was out and I like it.   I am enjoying writing things down and really meditating on what this particular child needs, why would I do this and not that. It takes time, but in my experience, it saves so much time during the school year and really can save me when I don’t have time to plan during the school year.

I would love to hear where you all are with your ordering and planning!

Many blessings,

5 thoughts on “My Waldorf Homeschool Planning

  1. Carrie,
    Would it be possible for you to put up some sample pages from the Green Book planner or tell me where I can see some of those pages?
    I have had real trouble finding a planner that I can adjust for my needs and searched for days, so basically I ended up making my own but I would love to have a look at this one somewhere if possible.


    • Just as an update: I used this book on your recommendation last year and I was very happy with it! I will definitely be using it again this year.
      Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Thanks for posting what your day might look like! I will have one in third and one in first next year and our schedule will look very similar! Also, one thing that I have found that helps is to include a short time outside before the morning snack and the second round of lessons. I also am planning on doing the main lesson for my first grader first in the morning when she is the freshest and I have her attention while my third grader does review work or practice of some sort. Happy summer!

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