A Free On-Line Ebook

Our friends over at The On-Line Waldorf Library have put out an e-book version of Thomas Poplawski’s “Completing The Circle.”  This book is composed of twelve articles originally published in Renewal Magazine.  The articles include:  The Schooling of Angels; Button up Your Overcoat; Losing Our Senses; Taming the Media Monster; The Power of Play; You Are Not Us; Children and Sports; Etheric, Astral, Ego; Paradise Lost, The Nine Year Change; The Four Temperaments; Watching Your Temperament; A Modern Path of Meditation and Inner Development. 109 pages


I especially enjoyed the articles on the four-fold human being and the nine year change.  I hope you enjoy this resource as well.

Many blessings,


5 thoughts on “A Free On-Line Ebook

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  2. what a treasure. i already read one chapter; it was short and easy to read. but, i will long be thinking about it. thank you!

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