The Sacred In The Ordinary

Happy Easter Monday to you all!  In the Collect for today from The Book of Common Prayer, there was a part that said, “…that we may behold thee in all thy works….”

I started thinking about seeing the sacred in the ordinary.  Do we really do that?  I like to think that as mindful parents we really do; that we take that time to really look at our children and their joyful faces or to see the sunrise or to look at that ant or that flower.

But sometimes, life with small children can become one giant to-do list if we let it.  A list of places to go each day, chores to do each day, days of doing the same things over and over and over – diaper changes, feeding children, cleaning up.  And starting all over again.

I wondered for myself,  if just for today, I could pause long enough to see the sacred in the ordinary.  Could I really counteract that feeling of irritation or frustration of having to “do that again” with joy and gratitude? 

I have a beautiful family;  I have a lovely home.  Things are not perfect in my world, and I bet they are not perfect in yours.  But why should that stop our gratitude in the moment?  Why should that stop us from taking our work and offering it with love to our families?

Just for today, let us see the beauty and joy in our world with love and with reverence.  Our children will surely notice and follow our hearts and attitudes.

Many blessings,



12 thoughts on “The Sacred In The Ordinary

  1. I so needed to read that today. Thank you for reminding me (though I shouldn’t need to be) to never take for granted the great honour that is mine to be a parent (as monotonous as it can be at times!) and the need to be gracious in all I do – that I have this wonderful opportunity and that my cherubs look to me as their example in the formation of their own values. Happy Days!

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  3. i often ponder the words to a superchic song, “we live, we love, we forgive and never give up for the days we are given are gifts from above, and today we remember to live and to love.” today, this minute, this breath, is a gift from GOD. we don’t deserve it, we are given it. what will i choose to do with it? live and love….i hope so….

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