Waldorf Homeschooling Third Grade: Second Old Testament Block

You can see this post regarding the first block of Old Testament we did here: https://theparentingpassageway.com/2010/10/30/waldorf-homeschooling-third-grade-first-old-testament-block/

The  main resources I used for this second  block included (other than several Bibles of different versions):

  • The Christopherus Old Testament Manual and Stories – the background information in there, the ideas for puppetry, modeling, and wet on wet painting were really very helpful.  
  • Ruth Beechick’s “Genesis:  Finding Our Roots” and “Adam and His Kin” were helpful during the first block, but they chronologically ended where our first block ended.
  • Jakob Streit’s  “And Then There Was Light” was used in the first block and now in this second block we have moved into “Journey To The Promised Land” by the same author.   Some may find this esoteric companion to be quite startling, but I liked much of it because it incorporated what is said in the Bible and what was said in Hebrew legends surrounding these events and fleshed the Biblical events out in a story format.  
  • Arthur Auer’s “Modeling:  Sculptural Ideas for For School and Home” had excellent suggestions for modeling the Tower of Babel.
  • Dorothy Harrer’s “An English Manual”
  • Roy Wilkinson’s “Commentary on Old Testament Stories.”
  • For this second block, I found Geraldine McCaughrean’s “God’s People:  Stories From The Old Testament” helpful for some of the drawings that I could easily translate to more archetypal figures and such.

This second block of Old Testament Stories we did included the stories of The Tower of Babel, Abraham,  the story of Isaac’s servant at the well meeting Rebekah, Esau and Jacob, the story of Joseph, Moses in the Bulrushes, Moses and the burning bush, The Exodus, and  The Ten Commandments.

We did several modeling projects, wet on wet paintings and crafts.  These stories are very deep and really penetrate into the nine-year-old child.  I came out one morning long after this block had ended and my daughter was actually drawing on one of the chalkboards a picture of The Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.  She didn’t say anything about it; she didn’t have to as these stories so deeply affect a child of the nine-year change.

Many blessings,


2 thoughts on “Waldorf Homeschooling Third Grade: Second Old Testament Block

  1. Carrie–Planning for next year and I was wondering for the Old Testament blocks(s), do I really need all these resources you listed? I have the Christopherus materials and Rebecca Schacht’s book too. Will that be enough?
    Thanks and hope to chat soon!

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