“The Journey Begins At Home: A Waldorf Early Years Guide”

I am so very pleased to be a contributor to the new Christopherus Homeschool Resources  book, “The Journey Begins At Home:  A Waldorf Early Years Guide”. 

This is a 330- plus paged ebook that will be released in May and it will cover nearly all topics related to the Early Years.  Here is the list of chapters from the ebook:

  • A Mother’s Path
  • The Peaceful Home
  • The Twelve Senses
  • Rhythm and Getting through the Day
  • Sleep, Co-Sleeping, Bedtimes and Naps
  • Breastfeeding and Weaning
  • Playing and Being with Other Children
  • Socialization
  • The Lure of Classes
  • Awakening Too Early
  • Toys
  • Potty Time
  • Strategies for Discipline
  • Too Much Dialogue
  • Is It Lying? Is It Stealing?
  • Whining
  • Separation and Attachment
  • The Right Thing at the Right Time
  • Destructive and Aggressive Behavior
  • Questions About Babies and Toddlers
  • The Three years Old
  • The Four Year Old
  • The Five Year Old
  • The Six Year Old
  • Stories, Nursery Rhymes and Puppets
  • Kindergarten Questions
  • Other People
  • Miscellaneous

You can read excerpts of the book here:  http://christopherushomeschool.typepad.com/blog/2011/03/a-new-early-years-book-from-christopherus.html

This book is done in a question and answer format compiled from threads on the Christopherus Waldorf At Home Forum that will be closing in June.  It preserves the privacy of the forum participants but maintains the warmth and love of those forum members and lets readers hear different voices, different ideas, along with lots of commentary from Donna Simmons in her warm and well-versed in Waldorf parenting way.

I have contributed some developmental pieces for sections, and also contributed my voice as a moderator for some of the threads.

I am so pleased, and I think you all will be as well.

Many blessings,



11 thoughts on ““The Journey Begins At Home: A Waldorf Early Years Guide”

  1. I am most certainly ordering this book.
    Carrie, I am wondering if perhaps you might do a piece on Waldorf and Mother Mary? (i.e- the appearance of the archetypal mother in so many early childhood classrooms…it speaks to me! So beautiful!)

  2. This is wonderful Carrie! Congratulations, and am looking forward to seeing it in print. Even giving it as gifts to parents I know and love.

  3. Hello Carrie

    What a wonderful book and what an amazing opportunity to be a part of it!

    I am wondering where I can purchase this book when it becomes available?

    Be well and thank you for all your invaluable resources and wisom!


  4. Carrie, can you tell me why the Christopherus Waldorf At Home Forum will be closing?
    Not to be nosy or anything, but I planned on joining it in a couple of months, as I do/ did not have much time to spend on the computer recently.
    Thank you!

  5. I haven’t been able to find this book on the Christopherus website. Did it ever become available?

    Thank you,

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