Wonderful Links and FREE Resources to Check Out!

A big thank you to Cypress over at Cypress Space (http://bobbinsandbrambles.blogspot.com/)  for alerting me that Joan Almon’s “Overview Of The Waldorf Kindergarten”   is available as a free e-book:http://www.waldorflibrary.org/Journal_Articles/overview1.pdf   
This little pink book is wonderful; I highly encourage those of you with young children to read it!

There are two other free e-books also available from the on-line Waldorf Library.  The first one is WECAN’s  “Working With the Angels” available here: 
http://www.waldorflibrary.org/Journal_Articles/GW2workingangels.pdf  and a new one I have recently read called “Developmental Signatures”:  http://www.waldorflibrary.org/Journal_Articles/DevSig.pdf  

I also would like to point out the wonderful, truly wonderful post by Kara Fleck regarding the nine year old and homeschooling, called “The Nine Year Old Is The Lesson”:   http://www.rockingranola.com/2011/03/nine-year-old-is-lesson.html  Homeschooling at its finest!

And here is a call for mothers who are homeschooling Fourth Grade in Waldorf Education to share resources and ideas for local geography and history:  http://naturenest.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/do-you-have-any-local-geography-or-history-resources-you-can-share/

Finally, the last thing I wanted to share is that I am presently reading five lectures by Michaela Glockler, MD called :  “A Healing Education:  How Can Waldorf Education Meet The Needs of Children?”  This little book contains five very interesting lectures. 

I have written A LOT this year about discipline, authority, developmental stages and I  would like to spend some time in March  focusing on Waldorf homeschooling and how I believe an education inspired by Steiner’s ideas about development could be helpful for children in the home environment.

Many blessings,


5 thoughts on “Wonderful Links and FREE Resources to Check Out!

  1. Hi Carrie,

    I think it was on your blog that I once found a link to a treasure trove of audio stories for ages 4-5. If so could you please help me find it again?

    Thanks, love the blog.

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