Step Up And Be The Parent

Just for today, step up and be the parent.

Just for today, stop making excuses and explaining all the reasons things can’t happen in your household and just make it happen. 

Just for today, live your life in accordance with your values in front of your children.

Just for today, model how you want your children to behave.

Just for today, show your children the world is a place of beauty, truth and goodness.

Just for today, have empathy for all the hardships present in growing up.

Just for today, speak to your children kindly, even if they are not speaking kindly to you.

Just for today, get a sense of humor.

Just for today, set boundaries and stick calmly to those boundaries even  if your children don’t like it.

Just for today, be the parent you want to be for the sake of your grandchildren.

Just for today, have fun.

Just for today, step up and be the parent because you are the only parent your children have.

Love to all,


19 thoughts on “Step Up And Be The Parent

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  2. Just for today, step up and be the parent because you are the only parent your children have.

    Wow – there is sure simplicity and truthfulness in that statement.

  3. I read this to my son’s dad earlier this morning, who had insomnia last night and was very grumpy this morning. They were good reminders for him in his state, so much so that he’s going to print it out and pin it up to read daily. He was so sweet the rest of the morning!

  4. I just got on the computer to catch up on some of the blogs I read, including yours, while my kidlets get a breath of fresh air. After a tumultuous morning and serious homeschooling doubts and all the grief and frustration that come with those kind of mornings, these words were honestly JUST what I needed.

    Thank you.

  5. I love, love, love this!!!
    This is getting printed right now and put on the fridge for everybody to read when in doubt.
    Thank you for this!

  6. Love it! Somehow it seems so much more doable to think “just for today”. And tomorrow…well, we’ll do it again. Just for today.
    Thank you!

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