The First Week of Advent: More Ideas!

Here is a round-up of ideas for the first week of Advent with many links for free resources on the Internet:

Here is the “Children’s Song of the Nativity”.  The music and words are traditional; one written version can be found in Candey Verney’s “The Singing Year” book (with accompanying CD).  Here is a version on YouTube sung by the St. Patrick Cathedral’s Boy Choir in Dublin:

I was unsuccessful in locating any other song from the Winter Wynstones on YouTube, so if anyone else has leads as to where an audio for these Winter songs are, please do leave a comment so we all can listen.  I know these books can be very tough if you do not read music well!

For this week, some families are telling stories about  Mother Mary (many families are also using song/ring games that have to do with Mother Mary). Some are telling Saint Nicholas stories in preparation for Saint Nicholas Day on Monday (I believe the Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast day of this saint later in the month).  Here is a link to all the stories over at the St. Nicholas Center:  You might also consider the festival stories by Eugene Schwartz here:

Good crafts for this week include making an Advent Wreath if you have not already, making an Advent Calendar, crafts for Saint Nicholas (see this link for ideas:, baking Christmas treats and cookies, starting Christmas gifts from the children to others, making homemade wrapping paper.

Most of all, have fun together and await with reverence this magical time of the year,


10 thoughts on “The First Week of Advent: More Ideas!

  1. I am looking for a verse to say when lighting the advent candles. I know of Steiner’s “the first light of advent is the light of the stones” one but am not actually terribly fond of it. I don’t like the rhythm, it feels stiff or like the words are smashed into the meter. Anyway, I would love to hear what anyone else reads or recites when they light their advent candles. Scripture reading, verses, sayings, etc.

  2. The verse we use (I can’t sing onto the comment box so I’m sorry about that) is:

    Advent, advent, a candle burns
    First one, then two, then three, then four
    Then comes the Christ Child to the door.

  3. Winter is dark,
    Yet each tiny spark
    Brightens the way
    To Christmas day.

    Shine little light
    And show us the way
    To the bright light
    Of Christmas day.

    • Yes, Grace’s blog is wonderful and her Advent lists have so many ideas for a meaningful look at Advent.

      Look for some more Advent posts coming soon!
      Many blessings,

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