The Schoolroom

Ah, I am breaking the “no-picture” rule on my blog today to show you my schoolroom.  I do this to show you that I have a very small school room and to demonstrate that the goal truly  is NOT to re-create a Waldorf School in your home!  Sarah Baldwin over at Bella Luna Toys has a great post on that here:

Your schoolroom is still part of your home!  My schoolroom is in the room that is supposed to be a small dining room.  I feel blessed because many homeschoolers do not have a dedicated homeschooling space, and I truly enjoy mine.

Facing the South:


Just a small view of outside with sheers and a suncatcher.    Next to the window, also on the South wall:


Crucian glass and a plaque about “The Fruit of the Spirit.”

I don’t know why, but I have no picture of the East wall.  It has a very large blackboard that you can see in the Old Testament block post, and a homeschooling cabinet.  Cabinets are very important.  I have a cabinet that was made for scrapbooking, so it has tons of pockets and places to stash all the art supplies associated with Waldorf.  It was a gift for my 40th birthday, and I am grateful for it every day.

The North wall has a doorway and a large two sided-chalkboard slid next to the cabinet.  Then we come to the  West wall:


Bulletin boards are not especially Waldorf-y but I have to have one.  It has all our prayers for the day, our white little prayer board, more Crucian glass.  The silks are covering a bookcase.  There are painting boards and lap-sized chalkboards slid behind the bookcase.  Foreign language materials are in a little painted wooden holder next to the bookcase.  Then there is a doorway to the kitchen and this little bookcase and Nature Table in the corner:


My Nature Table is very simple as you can see.  I realize I did not take a picture of our kidney-shaped table and chairs.  We also have a braided rug to warm the room.

One thing I would like to get is a mobile of some sort to hang from the ceiling.  A school room is a wonderful thing, and its organization is often a work in progress.  We also homeschool in the kitchen and garden a lot, and many times I will move the large two-sided chalkboard out into the dining room to work on it.  Right now I have three chalkboards and would like to get one more for next year when I have a first and fourth grader together.

Thanks for looking!

Many blessings,


4 thoughts on “The Schoolroom

  1. What a lovely room Carrie! Thanks for sharing these pictures! Right now our school area kind of runs between the kitchen and the living room but I am holding the intention that our new home in VT will have the right spot for a homeschooling room 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing!! It’s so great to really ‘see’ how others organize their space and fit it into their lives and home. Right now we’re in limbo–we’ve tried a corner of our living room, our 3rd-floor loft space, the “play room” which was at one point a bedroom, and now we’re trying the dining room. You said that you use a room which was supposed to be a small dining room…do you clean up the table for meals? or do you have an actual dining room in addition? I’m wondering if, with a nicely sized cabinet, we can use our dining room for homeschooling, and clean up afterwards, before meals. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Thanks again for the photos…your space is inspiring!

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