A Prudent Response to the New Infant Iron Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently released a new set of recommendations involving iron supplementation for infants.  My colleague Melissa Vickers has raised a number of points to look at this issue in a prudent manner here:  http://www.babygooroo.com/index.php/2010/10/21/aap-releases-new-guidelines-for-preventing-iron-deficiency-anemia/

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2 thoughts on “A Prudent Response to the New Infant Iron Guidelines

  1. It amazes how much they expect you to supplement without even testing your levels. Vitamin D is one thing… they haven’t “proven” it to be detrimental in high levels over a lifespan (YET), but too much iron definitely isn’t good. The doctor tried to get me to supplement with my last one and I questioned her, citing the high transfer rate for breastmilk, and the fact that the cord wasn’t cut for several minutes. She basically laughed in my face. Ummmm… what’s so funny about actual science and individualized medicine? Oh, and when they DID test my daughter, her iron level was perfect… they said even better than most… and she did very few solids until one year!

    Thanks for the good article link.

  2. What a great point is made here regarding bf infants vs non-bf infants. Another great resource for nutrition and babies is ‘Real Food for Mother and Baby’ by Nina Planck-forgo the grains and be sure to give plenty of good fats and proteins during that first year. So much of our food is grain-based in our society and it is so, so important to focus on what will fuel that baby’s brain as well.

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