Back To Basics: How To Be Content

The foundation of the peaceful family is YOU.  If you are unhappy and discontent, your family is going to reflect this back to you.  Your spouse or partner will be unhappy and your children’s challenging behavior will increase.  Being content in your homemaking, in your life, and in your parenting is the foundation of a healthy and peaceful family life.

Here are my top ten ways to be content:

1.  Take everything to prayer and meditation.  The more time I spend connecting with my  Beloved Creator, the more I realize that I am His Beloved, the more smoothly things  go.  The more I take my worries and anxieties and questions about life, about my children, about where I am going,  to prayer, the  more peaceful I can be.

2.  Before you speak, before you act, think in LOVE first.  If you can think in love toward your partner, your children, your relatives, the better things will be.  And if you don’t act in love, love yourself and forgive yourself for BEING HUMAN.  It is okay to be human, and it is okay to not be perfect.  Sometimes perfection is in the striving.

3.  Attribute positive intent.  If someone is doing something that is challenging you, can you see it from their viewpoint?  Can you see it differently?  And if not, can you set a boundary on it?

4.  Discern the essential.  What is your family’s Mission Statement?  What kind of adults do you hope your children to be?  What would contribute to that?  If it is not contributing to that, can you set a boundary on it?

5.  Can you pare down?  Can you pare down “stuff”?  All “stuff” has maintenance, all stuff needs to be taken care of.  Can you find the beauty in simplicity?  Can you pare down activities?  

6.  Where is your warmth?  If you are thinking in love, you can show emotional warmth toward your family.  You can laugh, you can find joy, and you can be content with where you are.  It is good enough for right now.

7.  Surround yourself with content and positive people.  This will really help lift your spirits and keep you on track.

8.  Spend time in nature.  Nature has a way of making problems seem smaller.

9.  Strengthen the ties you have with your partner/spouse.  If you can face things together, it is easier to be content with what you have, and easier to be content with what you have.

10.  Take care of yourself….your body deserves your attention and time.  If you are suffering from poor health or things that will eventually lead to poor health, then you know how hard it is to be peaceful.  You have only one body, and there is only one you!  You are worthy of your own  time and energy!

Many blessings,


13 thoughts on “Back To Basics: How To Be Content

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  2. As usual, my friend, you have said just what I need to hear today. We have been going through some transitions here and I’ve let them bring stress to me – good stress, I suppose, but stress nonetheless.

    Time to re-group, focus on the essentials, and get back to basics – as you so wisely suggest.

    Thanks for this thoughtful list and for all that you share here!

    • Kara,
      You make me smile. You are such a wise mother you will be able to bring peace to your family during all of the transition points.
      Enjoy life,

  3. What a great post! This is where my heart sings. If we are not the Beacon for our family, no one will be. We have to be the one willing to start the ripple. Like a stone thrown into a pond, we can start a ripple that has lasting effects on everyone around us – those can be positive or negative. We can not bring peace if we do not live it. Finding it within ourselves and turning it then to our families is the best gift we can give.

    Love & Blessings!

    Melisa Nielsen
    A Little Garden Flower

    • Thank you so much Melisa! I hear you have a new project coming out, we are waiting for it to be unveiled…

  4. We do! Beacons are enjoying it now for free. It will be available to the public soon. In time for the holidays for certain. If anyone here is interested in knowing more, they can contact us. We are very excited about it – the book is called “108 Days” – it is titled for the 108 days of lessons we are sharing with not just Mom, but her whole family – something very tangible that Mom can use and then take it to those she loves. Full of stories for children and actions to bring everything full circle in the home.

    Did I mention we are excited? lol.


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  6. What a great post 🙂 I especially think point 10 is important. It is so easy as a mother not to take the time to take care of number one but it is probably the most important. How can you expect yourself to look after your children if you don’t take the time? You are just going to make life difficult and stressful.

    I make it a point to spend time relaxing on my own and WITH my son. It works wonders.

    I also go for walks everyday with my son who is 3. I find getting out in nature truly important too. Although I know this is going to be something I struggle with in the Winter as I hate being cold!

  7. This is a wonderful reminder, thank you! It is always lovely to immerse our-selfs with good intentions and positivity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  8. I have a question/problem and I hope this is the right spot to post this. We started having a Waldorf-inspired home this past Summer. My question/problem is our Sunshine is 5 years old and she has tons of toys. Tons. . .lots of multi-purpose thankfully, but how do you get it down to the simple face dolls, building with rocks, etc. For example I found a great wooden plan dollhouse with simple wooden furniture and wooden people. She really wants to paint the dollhouse. I told her to leave it the way it is and she can pretend it is a pink house, next time a green house, etc. I just don’t know how I can switch her to simple toys when she as been pumped (thanks to very loving, well-meaning grandparents) with toys that are trendy. Please help and thank you in advance for your advice. Many blessings to you.

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