September Linky Love!

I just wanted to send some love to my top ten referrers…thank you all so very much.  You all inspire me!

Here is the TOP TEN:



I have been reading those, and here is a spot I have been enjoying as well:  I have also been enjoying re-reading “Kingdom of Childhood” for the Christopherus study.  Is anyone else over there?

And, I am soliciting ideas for what you would like to read in this space.  It is always a bit of a challenge, because some people read this blog for homeschooling, some parents don’t homeschool at all and read it for parenting inspiration….some people read this blog for information regarding Waldorf parenting/homeschooling and some people just skip that…You all keep me on my toes!  I just consider this a parenting blog that melds all my interests, passions and areas where I have some knowledge and I hope some of it helps someone…pretty simple.  🙂  Anyway, please do let me know what you would like to read more about.  There are now over 640 posts on this blog, if you can believe that!

Love to you all,


16 thoughts on “September Linky Love!

  1. I really enjoy and appreciate this blog, Carrie. If you come across good resources or insights for parenting children in the Waldorf tradition within the context of special needs (autism spectrum, dyslexia and other diagnoses), I’d appreciate them.

  2. I’m pretty much happy with whatever you want to post to be honest. I get so much inspiration from your posts. With the added bonus of links to other blogs I’ve not heard of. So thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Carrie
    I am reading “The kingdom of childhood’ and hope to join the study. Your post reminded me to enrol.

    Something I would like to know (and you might have mentioned it before) moving into the Southern Hemisphere Summer (yeh!!) is an idea/guideline of physical developmental expectations per age.

    I don’t want to push the kids and have always followed their lead. But for example can I encourage my almost 4 year old to ride a two wheel bike this summer? He has been using a running bike and is very good on it (it was amazing to see his confidence grow when he mastered the bike). Are there ‘better’ activities to promote whole body development.

    Hope your 5 year old is having a better week ;-)Best wishes

  4. hi- i have very much enjoyed everything on this blog!!! I have a son who is 13 months….we have not vaccinated, and we don’t plan on doing so. I have been catching a lot of flack from family members, etc. wondering if you will perhaps do a post on this rather taboo subject? hugs..rebecca

  5. I’d love to know even more about the waldorf baby/toddeler, “high needs” baby/child, creating rhythm when you yourself are irregular, simplifying…spiritual practice when you’ve never had one but want one…etc. I have liked all I’ve read so far, wonderful food for thought.

  6. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Carrie! I love ALL your posts! I would love to hear more about the 7 year change. I would love to hear some examples of how you deal with some specific situations with your children. You mentioned a couple of things, like one situation in the car when your children were whiny and it really inspired me!

  7. Hi Carrie,
    If I had a blog, I would probably be competing for a top referrer spot!

    I thought you wrote a post this past year something along the lines of why you chose Waldorf, and a list of what you love about it. I have searched through but haven’t been able to find it. Do you know what post I am talking about?

    Thank you for everything you do! Your blog has been life-changing for me.

  8. Hi Carrie, I’ve been reading back, right to the beginning of your posts, and especially looking for practical ideas with grade one homescooling. I came here thru the Christopherus site. But also I’ve passed on your link to other non-waldorf, non-homeschooling parents as simply good parenting advice… and I’ve had positive feedback from them too. Keep up the great effort 🙂

  9. Each time I visit your space, I seem to find just the words I needed to hear, in some form or another…how do you do that? 🙂

    I’m always intrigued by your concept of retribution, and what that looks like in your home and for your family. You offer small glimpses and examples of ways you help your children to make retribution, but I’ve always hoped for a full post exploring that idea. I’d love some concrete, real-life examples of how you approach/gently introduce retribution to your kiddos, as well as some specific ideas for things little ones can do to “make things better.” (You mentioned once drawing a picture for a child because she was so sad…I loved that.)

    I have a four-year-old and a one-year-old, and we’re just beginning to enter the world of sibling conflicts…I would really appreciate any guidance/ideas you can offer.

  10. Hi Carrie, I think your blog is heaven sent….thank you for all you do! I do have a question…I absolutely love the book Heaven on Earth, and the MANY other books written for the first seven years with our children. Do you know of any books, written so warmly that addresses the second seven years? I feel SO much emphasis is placed on the youngest ones,as it should be, but than we are just left hanging abruptly for the next seven years!! Teenagers seem to be covered well, too. I LOVE this middle stage, but would love to find a book that could really enhance it and speak to my “mother soul” as the younger set books do! thanks…Lolo

  11. Ideas for topics:

    – Building inner strength and (self)confidence in our children

    – Family balance (A month into our school year I find myself exhausted from triyng to meet everyone’s needs and focusing on maintaining our daily/weekly rhythm…. What to do on those days where you’re just plain exhausted from being pregnant and night nursing a 2.5-year old and making sure the 8-year olds needs are met as well nd the last thing you want to do is going through your everyday rhythm of going outside, doing housework, cooking lunch, getting dinner ready…. I just want to rest!)

    – General Waldorf information, pedagogy and family related stuff. I really love these, especially where I can see the Waldorf/Attachment Parenting connection.

    – Maintaining rhythm and meeting the needs of multiple children (Life was so EASY with just one! It’s wonderful with several, but it takes a LOT more self-discipline to plan out our days, and not get caught in that everyday daze where the the days just fly by and you don’t know where they went).

    I have a ton more but I’ll leave it at that for now 🙂 Oh, and I don’t have a blog either but I participate on a private f

  12. ooops, don’t know what happened there – anyways, I’m on a private board where I refer to your blog all the time. I really appreciate all the work you put in here and I’m so grateful that you find the time to share your knowledge and experience!

  13. Congratulations Carrie! I love your blog and it has helped me through some tough parenting moments. I have literally been on the edge of exploding at my kids and decided to take a break and check your blog and found exactly the words I needed to help me face the day with more grace and love. I cannot thank you enough!
    I love the diversity of topics on your blog. I don’t know if this is too off-topic, but since you’re a physical therapist…I’m struggling to close the gap in my rectus abdominus muscles since my second pregnancy (diastasis recti) and have found such conflicting advice on the correct exercises to do and would love to have access to better information. So, physical therapy for mamas and recovering from childbirth?
    I would also love to hear more thoughts on…promoting good relationships among siblings, helping a 3-year-old to be gentle with her baby sister, and how in the world do I take a mommy-time-out when I need to calm down and not act in anger if my 3-year-old’s primary love language is attention and it feels punitive for her if I go in the other room? Thanks Carrie!!! 🙂

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